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Carrier Infinity Fan Coil FE4A Air Handler Review

What are the features and specs of the Carrier Infinity FE4A air handler? We examine this HVAC unit to see which homeowners might benefit from it.

Carrier Infinity Fan Coil FE4A Air Handler Review

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Joshua Rodriguez


March 8th, 2022

Fan coils, a.k.a. air handlers, often work in synch with heat pumps, which means that a reliable one works hard during the summer and the winter, moving conditioned air throughout your home. Though it’s on less in the spring and autumn, you’ll still need its blower to keep comfortable.

At Fire & Ice, we’ve sold tens of thousands of products that make the air warmer, colder, drier, more humid, and less dusty. We’ve seen hundreds of the Carrier Infinity Fan Coils in action, and we recognize that this essential product is often taken for granted.

When it comes to saving on your energy bill, moving cool air inside your home with a variable-speed fan coil can make a noticeable difference.

The Infinity Fan Coil (also known by its model label FE4A) has this feature, which can provide a variety of benefits including:

  • Energy savings

  • Lower utility bills

  • Advanced humidity control

  • Better distribution of air

If your air handler is 10-15 years old, and you’re pouring more and more money into repair for it, it might be time to replace it. By the end of this article, you’ll know a lot more about Carrier’s Infinity Fan Coil, and how you might benefit from the use of one.

Specs of the Carrier Infinity Fan Coil (Air Handler)

  • Easier troubleshooting, providing faster service and repair

  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) designed to maximize performance with PuronR refrigerant

  • Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) operates efficiently at all speeds

  • Ultra-low power consumption during fan only operation

  • Unmatched humidity control

  • Logarithmic spiral blower housings for high blower efficiency and quiet operation

  • Diffuser air discharge section for high airflow efficiency and quiet, smooth operation

  • High duct static capability

  • Unique cabinet design that meets stringent new regulations for air leakage

  • Minimal standing water that helps prevent microbial growth for improved indoor air quality, and reduced condensate line clogging and related condensate leakage

  • Condensate fittings relocated away from turbulent airflow patterns at the blower entrance for improved condensate control performance

  • Overflow feature for slope coil units allows condensate to exit the unit without damage to the product under clogged primary and secondary line conditions

  • Tested for condensate disposal at conditions much more severe than those required by ARI S

  • All pans constructed of an injection-molded glass-filled polycarbonate engineered resin material, with brass drain connections

  • High density, super thick cabinetry insulation with vapor barrier

  • Prepainted galvanized sheet metal cabinet

  • Grooved copper tubing

  • Lanced sine wave aluminum fins

  • Discreet refined counterflow refrigerant circuitry

  • Bi-flow hard-shutoff TXV metering device

  • ArmorCoat coil protection available 

  • FE4A unit is multipoise

  • Multiple electrical entries for application flexibility (high and low voltage)

  • Cabinet construction features innovations designed to prevent cabinet sweating

  • Airtight cabinets keep air inside and direct it within your ductwork for greater efficiency

  • Permanent washable filter can be cleaned and reinstalled

  • Enhanced drain pan design allows complete drainage, which improves indoor air quality

  • ArmorTech coil protection guards indoor coil against premature damage due to corrosive airborne elements

Features of the Carrier FE4A Air Handler

The key feature is its top-of-the-line variable-speed blower.

A variable-speed blower enables better control of summer humidity and more consistent air temperatures. Because it runs longer at a slower speed, it keeps the air mixed better. The air handler will run at a low level once the optimal temperature is reached. The warm and cool stay mixed, eliminating hot and cold spots. Your optimal comfort stays constant; it doesn’t vary if the furnace or air conditioner is running, even if it’s at a slow speed.

Because it doesn’t turn off and on so often, it also saves on electricity. When a typical air handler comes on, it’s at 100%. A variable-speed motor starts at a slower rate than a single-speed one. It’s a soft start. It’s like easing down on the gas pedal, not flooring it. It takes approximately 45 seconds to get to full speed. That makes for a quieter operation, is easier on the unit, and saves money.

And because it runs longer, you get better humidity control. Even when it’s running at a slower speed, it removes moisture.

Read more: What Are the Benefits of a Variable-Speed HVAC Motor?

Ideal Humidity System technology automatically adds or removes just the right amount of moisture to keep your home comfortable. It can help you save on energy costs, too. When the humidity is right (the CDC recommends 50%), you can feel comfortable at higher temperatures in the summer and lower temperatures in the winter. With less humidity, you'll feel cooler at slightly warmer temperatures.

The Comfort Heat Technology feature predicts the need for heating while minimizing temperature, and provides a nearly continuous flow of warmth in low-capacity operation for a steadier, more consistent indoor temperature.

When a heat pump or air conditioner and Carrier humidifier are combined with the fan coil and the Infinity system control, the Infinity system allows you to control temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed, and ventilation of your home. 

It automatically adjusts to your system’s needs for peak efficiency and performance. It even reminds you when your air filter needs replacing.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings are like your car’s MPG – the higher the number, the greater the potential for savings. Carrier fan coils are designed to maximize the performance of a matched Carrier air conditioner or heat pump, and many of them can actually boost the published cooling efficiency, which will help reduce your electricity bill. The variable-speed capability enhances the cooling efficiency up to two SEER points.

Carrier Infinity Fan Coil Needs to Rate with Heat Pumps or AC

Certain equipment has to be matched or “rate” with certain other equipment. Your heat pump has to communicate clearly with your thermostat, or the entire system might not function.

For instance, the tonnage or size of air handlers needs to have tonnages that match the heat pump. If your heat pump is sized for 4 tons, your air handler needs to be the same. If you don’t have a match, the HVAC system may not work correctly, and the manufacturer might not warranty parts of the system.

This also means the settings on the air handler need to match the available settings on your air conditioner or heat pump. A variable-speed blower trying to work with a single-speed unit won’t work. They both need to be the same.

If you’re unsure if this piece of equipment will rate with your other heating and cooling units, be sure to ask your HVAC partner before you make an investment.

Best Equipment to Pair with the Carrier Fan Coil

To get the most out of the Carrier FE4A air handler, it should connect to other Carrier HVAC equipment that has the Infinity label. The Infinity System Control thermostat can keep track of previous cycles and allow the system to automatically adjust the heating and cooling stages for the best comfort and energy efficiency. It tracks humidity, filter usage, and a host of other things.

Carrier recommends pairing the air handler and thermostat with one of three Infinity brand heat pumps: the 16, 18VS, and the 24 (the number corresponds to their respective SEER rating). There are no less than six different Infinity air conditioners, if you want to go that way. The SEERs range from 16 to 26. 

Who’s a Good Fit for the Carrier FE4A Air Handler?

If you have an air handler that’s over 10 years old, the blower has probably lost a great deal of its efficiency. When the blower slows down, it’s costing you some heat in the winter and some cool in the summer. The house might feel more humid in the summer, and your electric bill might creep up because the system is working harder and harder.

When the conditioned air isn’t being dispersed as it once was, you might have hot and cold spots in your home. The airflow coming from your vents might be weak, especially those at the end of the duct runs.

A new air handler will boost the efficiency of your heat pump or air conditioner, help to eliminate hot and cold spots, and increase the airflow.

Cost of the Carrier Infinity Fan Coil

The cost range of a new Carrier Infinity FE4A Air Handler is $4,300 to $7,000. The price includes installation and fees. The key factor determining the price is the size of the unit.

Carrier Air Handlers in Columbus, Ohio

At Fire & Ice, we offer Carrier products because we believe in their reliability and durability. The FE4A could be a significant upgrade over your current air handler and should give you a decade of great service with proper maintenance and upkeep.

The next decision you’ll have to make is which HVAC company you want to work with for the installation. Do you take the advice from friends? Look at Google reviews? Search through Angi? At Fire & Ice, Your Trust is Our Business, and we hope you'll give us a chance to earn your business.

If you’re ready to have a conversation with a Fire & Ice salesperson, we’d love to talk with you about your comfort concerns and to see if the Carrier Infinity FE4A might suit your needs.

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