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Heating & Air Conditioning Services for Dublin, OH

Heating & Air Conditioning Services for Dublin, OH

Welcome to Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland! Oh wait, not that Dublin.

Yes, there’s a more famous Dublin across the pond from the US. But here in Dublin, OH, those Irish roots are in full effect since “Irish is an Attitude” according to the municipality’s local visitor’s website.

Dublin is practically in our backyard here at Fire & Ice, and we’ve been serving homeowners there for nearly two decades. Below we list our HVAC services, as well as providing some local flavor about one of our favorite towns in Central Ohio.

We offer equipment for a variety of budgetary levels, and financing to help provide ideal comfort to your home. When you’re ready to pick a company for your next home HVAC project, we hope you’ll consider us. We look forward to earning your business.

Air Duct Cleaning for Dublin, OH

Dirty air ducts are a leading cause of several problems faced by homeowners. Dust, dirt, mold, odors, allergens, and other irritants can make indoor air unhealthy. Clean air ducts can help remedy this. In addition, your HVAC system will run longer and more efficiently with clean air ducts.

We offer air duct cleaning in Dublin, OH. To get started, click on the button below.

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Listen to Adam's Experience with Fire & Ice in Dublin

Customer Testimonial:

“They were great! Professional, on time, gave me lots of information before and after the installation. Definitely will recommend to friends and family.”

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Dublin Local Business Spotlight: Cardinal Health

Located north of the I-270 loop, the Cardinal Health international headquarters is located in Dublin, OH. Cardinal provides healthcare equipment, software and services for medical organizations.

Among many other ventures, in 2020, they’ve helped to develop vaccine storage solutions for COVID-19.

Collectively, Cardinal Health offices employ over 50,000 workers, many of them stationed right here in Dublin.

AC, Furnace and Heat Pump Tune-ups and Repairs

Our 17-point furnace and air conditioner tune-ups are second to none in the industry. With every service visit, we’ll ensure that your equipment is in peak condition and that we’ve identified any potential problem areas to prevent larger issues down the road.

What’s included in these visits? Among other items specific to your home and equipment, we include the following (some are heating or cooling-side only):

  • Lubricate all moving parts.
  • Clean and inspect all parts.
  • Check pressure levels throughout the system and adjust as necessary.
  • Check for carbon monoxide levels and gas or combustion leaks.
  • Clean parts and equipment to remove harmful dirt, dust, and other debris.
  • Check the air filter and replace it as needed.
  • Check refrigerant levels and pressures.
  • Test system performance vs. established installation benchmarks.
  • Test all wires and connections.
  • Inform customers of equipment conditions.

Customer Testimonial:

“The tech who came to our house was extremely knowledgeable...very kind and professional...he found the problem quickly...I give Fire & Ice an A+!”

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Hear What Your Neighbors Have to Say About Fire & Ice

Listen to John's Experience with Fire & Ice in Dublin

Best Restaurants in Dublin, OH

(as chosen by the Fire & Ice staff)

  • Dublin Village Tavern. This Irish pub leans into the town’s Irish roots, with cuisine and drinks inspired by that other Dublin.
  • Dewey’s Pizza. Neighborhood pizza shopped with hand-made dough and sauce, with seasonal ingredients available and local craft drinks.
  • 101 Beer Kitchen. Don’t let the name fool you! The food selection is as good as the robust array of drink options.
  • Fado Pub & Kitchen. The setting looks like an upscale Irish pub, but the food will surprise you with its varied European influences.
  • Cafe Istanbul. Nestled against the Olentangy River, riverside seating can produce some inspiring seasonal views, while the Turkish cuisine is a consistent delight.

And there you have it: the best (probably) restaurants in Dublin, OH. Don’t see your favorite on the list? Contact us to let us know. We’re always looking for great, local food recommendations.

Air Conditioner, Furnace and Heat Pump Installation

Air Conditioner Replacement

The cost of replacement for an air conditioner in a residential home can range between $4,350-$12,095. This includes labor and permit fees.

This range also covers a variety of system sizes and levels of sophistication, including variable-speed A/C systems.

The factors that can affect the price of your air conditioner replacement include:

  • Capacity/power of the system
  • Efficiency
  • The HVAC equipment you’re not replacing
  • Modifications to your existing system
  • Line set protection
  • Installation costs
  • Tax credits and rebates

Furnace Replacement

A new furnace replacement can cost between $3,000 - $7,600, depending on the size of your home, the efficiency of your new furnace, and the sophistication of the equipment. That includes labor and permit fees, not just equipment costs.

The range above accounts for smaller homes all the way up to homes that are 5,000 square feet. It also includes single-stage, two-stage and variable-speed furnaces, as well as each of those types in both standard and high-efficiency models. Your home's size and the choices you make in regard to your comfort will affect the final pricing within that range.

Heat Pump Replacement

The cost of a heat pump replacement can range between $4,900 - $12,500. This range accounts for the cost of the equipment, labor and other fees.

This range also covers a variety of system sizes and levels of sophistication, including variable-capacity heat pump systems.

The factors that can affect the price of your heat pump replacement include:

  • Capacity/power of the system
  • Efficiency
  • The HVAC equipment that you’re not replacing
  • Modifications to your existing system
  • Line set protection
  • Installation costs
  • Tax credits and rebates

Attractions & Events in Dublin, Ohio

There are too many to list, but below are a handful of our favorites.

  • The Memorial Tournament Hosted by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus, this tournament is among the most prestigious on the PGA tour, routinely drawing the biggest names in pro golf.
  • The Columbus Zoo. Consistently rated among the best zoos in the world, the Columbus Zoo has been home to noted wildlife enthusiast Jack Hanna, and boasts hundreds of species and yearly events.
  • The Celtic Cocktail Trail. We’ll admit, most of us weren’t aware of this one. But a member of our marketing team has completed the larger Columbus Ale Trail multiple times, and has added this more regional trail to his to-do list.
A lion sitting on a rock.

Customer Testimonial:

“Bryan and Alontae were my installers and they did a great job. They left the environment cleaner than they found it and gave me a good walkthrough of my new system and future uses.”

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Fire & Ice Heating and Air Conditioning: Your Trust Is Our Business

Our processes are designed to do the things that our competitors won’t. Any company can claim to want to earn your business, but we back our claims up with dozens of specific practices designed to go above and beyond.

Among other practices we’ve created to ensure that we’re the best fit for your next HVAC project:

  • A week or two after installation, a Fire & Ice representative will return to your home to ensure everything is functioning properly, to make sure you understand your thermostat and comfort options, and to inspect the quality of the installation. This is NOT practiced by our competitors, but gives customers peace of mind at no additional charge.
  • We stay in communication with customers after their installation, to make sure you’re satisfied with your system. And with affordable maintenance plans, you can count on us for years to come with regular repairs, maintenance and service.
  • Fire & Ice has the largest HVAC training facility in Central Ohio. We use this space to keep our technicians up-to-date on the latest best practices, so that you’re getting cutting-edge service at all times.

Want to see everything we do that separates us? Check out The Fire & Ice Difference for the full list we put together of competitive advantages.

Customer Testimonial:

“Installed a whole-home humidifier. On time, explained everything and cleaned up after. The tech did a great job!”

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Proudly Serving 43002, 43016, 43017 and Beyond

Unless you mistakenly clicked on this page from Dublin, Ireland, we’re here to help (and if you’re in Ireland, we’d love to help you too, but probably won’t be able to).

We generally don’t like talking about ourselves, preferring to focus on information that will help customers make the right decisions for their HVAC services.

Information about companies, though, should be part of that decision. And we’re proud of the myriad ways we provide value to our customers, above and beyond many others in the industry.

Check out our free HVAC Contractor Checklist below, which includes several questions to give you peace of mind about your next HVAC investment. It will prepare you to hold your HVAC partner accountable for its quality and service.

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If you have any HVAC questions, Fire & Ice representatives are always on call:

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