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8 Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split


Ductless mini-splits can be an ideal heating and cooling solution for many homeowners. This video will look at eight benefits of a ductless mini-split HVAC system.

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Video Transcription

Ductless mini-splits can be an ideal heating and cooling solution for many homeowners. This video will look at eight benefits of a ductless mini-split HVAC system.

Hi, my name’s Bryan with Fire & Ice. Do you have a room in your house you can’t make comfortable? A three-season room, an addition, a garage? You’re not alone; many of our customers with the same situation have found a ductless mini-split to be the perfect solution. In this video, we’ll go over what they are and the eight benefits ductless mini-splits have to offer.

What is a ductless mini-split?

Before we dive into their benefits, let’s first talk about what a ductless mini-split is. Ductless systems consist of two main components: an outdoor condenser and an indoor air-handling unit. Sometimes referred to as indoor heads. Connecting the two units is a conduit that the power cables, refrigerant lines, and condensate drains pass through. The system works by exchanging the unconditioned air with conditioned cool or warmer air through the indoor head, making a ductless-mini split ideal for spaces where conventional HVAC systems can’t reach, like bedrooms, three-season rooms, garages, and more. Let’s look at the eight benefits ductless mini-splits offer.

8 Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits: Efficiency

First is their efficiency compared to conventional air conditioners or heat pumps. All heating and cooling systems are energy-star rated. A program put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency to promote energy efficiency. On the cooling side, a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (or SEER) is used and on the heating side a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (or HSPF) is used. Conventional air conditioners and heat pumps have a SEER rating of 13 to 21 SEER and an HSPF rating of between 7.7 and 11. Ductless systems, however, can boast SEER ratings in the mid-teens to even greater than 30 and an HSPF greater than 11!

8 Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits: Environmentally Friendly

The second benefit is that it’s environmentally friendly. Unlike a conventional HVAC system that heats and cools the entire house, a ductless system only conditions the room or area. Take, for instance, a bedroom that you want to keep at 70 degrees at night but can allow the rest of the house to be much cooler, saving you energy. If you’re not using the space, you can turn the system off, saving you money. I like to think of it as on-demand comfort.

8 Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits: Directional Airflow

The next benefit is their directional airflow. Many models come equipped with a dual split vane design that allows you greater control in the airflow direction. This means greater control over your indoor comfort and less wasted airflow.

8 Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits: Flexibility

We’ve touched on the fourth benefit. Ductless systems can both heat and cool the space. They work just like a heat pump and can make you comfortable year-round. During the summer, it can help remove excess humidity from your house.

8 Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits: i-See Sensor Technology

The fifth benefit is probably one of my favorites. Some models come with i-See Sensor Technology, which serves two purposes. For one, it makes sense when someone is in the room. Second, it can track that heat source and blow air towards or away from it, depending on how it is programmed. Being able to turn on and off automatically and sense where you are in the room is a game-changer for energy savings and ultimate comfort.

8 Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits: Versatility

The sixth benefit is their versatility. They don’t need to be installed on the wall but can be installed on the floor and ceilings, giving you more options.

8 Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits: Scalable

Unlike conventional ducted systems, ductless mini-splits are scalable. Whether you want a single room or several rooms, or zones created in your home, ductless mini-splits can be a viable solution. Each outdoor unit can service four indoor heads, and each indoor head is independent of the other. Giving you and your family greater control over your indoor comfort that most conventional HVAC systems can’t provide.

8 Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits: Scalable

The last benefit is just a summary of everything we’ve already covered. Simply put, central air conditioners and furnaces can only do so much. When the house gets too hot or cold, the whole house gets conditioned. Ductless systems can focus on those areas that are not easily accessible via ductwork or where a conventional system is deficient.

What are the next steps?

I hope by now you have a better understanding of what a ductless system is and some of the benefits they have to offer. For the sake of transparency, a ductless system isn’t for everyone. 

Some have said they don’t want a bulky unit on one of their walls, not to mention some electrical considerations also need to be made. And they aren’t the cheapest option, with the average price starting at around $5,000 with installation.

But if you’re considering a ductless solution for your home, feel free to give us a call or click the free estimate button at the top of the screen. We’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss which option is best for you and your home. Thank you for watching and we look forward to making your day better.

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