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Carrier Comfort™ 14 (25HCE4) Heat Pump Video Review


Are you considering replacing your heat pump that will reliably and efficiently heat and cool your home that’s easy on our budget?? Not to mention, be easy on your budget? Let me introduce you to the Carrier Comfort 14 heat pump. This video will go over its benefits and cost and see who might benefit most from this system.

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Video Transcription

Are you considering replacing your heat pump that will reliably and efficiently heat and cool your home? Not to mention, be easy on your budget? First, let me introduce you to the Carrier Comfort 14 heat pump. This video will go over its benefits and cost and see who might benefit most from this system.

Hi, I’m Luke with Fire & Ice. As a residential sales professional, I’ve met with thousands of central Ohio homeowners to help determine the best heating and cooling solution for their heating and cooling needs. When budget is a primary concern for a customer, one of the more popular solutions is the Carrier Comfort 14 heat pump, also known as the 25HCE4. This video will examine its features and benefits, explore its efficiency rating, and review compatible equipment options. Then we’ll see who might be the best fit for this heat pump and even look at its cost. By the end of this video, you’ll know if the Carrier Comfort 14 is right for you.

What are the features of the Carrier Comfort 14 heat pump?

Without further ado, let’s look at the features and benefits of the Carrier Comfort 14. For starters is its single-stage compressor. This means the system operates at total capacity every time it kicks on. As a result, this tried and accurate technology delivers consistent and reliable heating and cooling throughout the year.

Another feature of note is its attractive yet durable design. It’s designed with a galvanized steel cabinet and coil guard painted to protect against dings, dents, and other outdoor threats. 

And living here in Central Ohio, you’ll likely take advantage of its Hybrid Heat technology that automatically switches between electric or gas heat to help keep energy costs as low as possible. On its own, the Carrier Comfort 14 can continue providing heating in temperatures as low as -10º Fahrenheit. That’s far lower than most heat pumps on the market that struggle to provide heat when temperatures are in the mid-30s. And last but not least is the peace of mind that comes with the 10-year limited parts warranty.

What is the efficiency rating of the Carrier Comfort 14?

Heat pump efficiency is rated with two efficiency ratings. One for the heating and one for the cooling. They are measured by a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER rating on the cooling side. And heating efficiency is rated using a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor or HSPF. Both ratings measure the efficiency of heat pumps used during the average heating or cooling season. For example, the Carrier Comfort 14 heat pump has a SEER rating of up to 14 and an HSPF rating of 8.2. For comparison, most heat pumps on the market range between 14 and 22 SEER and 7.7 and 11 HSPF.

What Equipment Can I Pair with the Carrier Comfort 14?

Regarding equipment pairing, it’s recommended that the Carrier Comfort 14 heat pump be paired with other Carrier Comfort line equipment. For all-electric homes, consider the Carrier Comfort Fan Coil or FB4C. Feel Carrier Comfort 80, 92, or 95 gas furnaces if you have a dual fuel system.

Who is Carrier Comfort 14 heat pump a good fit for?

The Carrier Comfort 14 heat pump is designed to be a reliable, efficient piece of equipment that can meet most budgets. So if you’re a homeowner on a budget looking for a straightforward system that can reliably heat and cool your home, this heat pump is for you. And suppose you live here in Central Ohio, relying on electricity to heat your home. In that case, you’re likely to see some energy cost savings since it can continue to provide heat even in subzero temperatures. 

However, suppose you suffer from uneven temperatures or hot and cold spots in your home. In that case, you might want to look into other heat pumps with more features like multi-stage compressors or communicating technology. It should be mentioned that it’s not the quietest system on the market, operating at 69 decibels each time it kicks on. That’s as loud as an average conversation.

How much does Carrier Comfort 14 heat pump cost?

Now for the cost question. The Comfort 14 costs between $4,800 and $6,500, including equipment, installation, and any additional fees. For comparison, installing a new heat pump can range anywhere from $5,400 and $15,200.

And since heat pumps need to be paired with a compatible electric air handler or furnace, expect to add $2,700 to $7,600 to the project.

In HVAC, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and several factors can affect the price. For example, the price of a heat pump can change depending on the size of your home, the size of the unit, additional indoor air quality products, and any modifications that may be needed during installation. 

What’s the next step in the process?

Let’s talk about what to do next. If you consider the Carrier Comfort 14 and want more information, click the free estimate button at the top of the screen to schedule your free in-home estimate. Thank you for watching, and we look forward to making your day better.

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