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Carrier Infinity™ 18VS (25VNA8) Heat Pump

Are you in the market for a new heat pump and looking for one that’s trouble-free and will provide you heating and cooling when you need it most? Let me introduce you to the Carrier Infinity 18VS. In this video we’ll go over its benefits and see who will benefit most from this system.

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March 18th, 2022

Are you in the market for a new heat pump and looking for one that’s trouble-free and will provide you heating and cooling when you need it most? Let me introduce you to the Carrier Infinity 18VS. In this video we’ll go over its benefits and see who will benefit most from this system.

Hi, my name is Roger from Fire & Ice. We understand that it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing a heat pump. Every year we help thousands of Central Ohio homeowners determine which heat pump is best for them. When our customers are looking to maximize efficiency and solve their indoor comfort concerns, the Carrier 25VNA8, also known as the Infinity 18VS, is one of our most popular solutions. In this video we’ll take a look at its features, review its efficiency rating, go over compatible equipment options, its cost, and see who might benefit most from this heat pump. By the end of this video you’ll know if the Carrier Infinity 18VS is right for you.

What are the features and benefits of the Carrier Inifinity™ 18VS?

Let’s jump in and take a look at the many features and benefits the Carrier Infinity 18vs has to offer. First off is its Variable-speed rotary compressor. Which means it can step up or down across five-stages using 100% of its capacity in its fifth stage and as low as 25% in its first. Most of the time it will run its lower stages and use its higher stages when more heating and cooling is needed. This technology can help solve a number of indoor comfort concerns as well  as save you money in energy costs.

If you live in Central Ohio you know just how harsh winter can be. Thankfully the Carrier Infinity 18VS is able to continue to provide heat as low as 10° fahrenheit before auxiliary heat is needed. That’s significantly lower than most heat pumps on the market that start to struggle to provide heat when the temperature outside is in the mid 30s.

The Carrier Infinity 18VS also comes equipped with a durable Weather Armor Ultra cabinet protection. And is designed with a galvanized steel cabinet and coil guard painted to protect against dings, dents, and other outdoor threats. And if noise levels are a concern the Carrier Infinity 18VS can operate as low as 55 decibels thanks to its Silencer System technology. Last but not least is the peace of mind that comes with its 10 year limited parts warranty.

What is the Efficiency Rating for the Carrier Infinity™ 18VS?

Since heat pumps are able to both heat and cool they have two efficiency ratings. On the cooling side, heat pumps are rated by a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER rating. For heating, they are rated using an HSPF rating or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. Both measure efficiency. The Carrier Infinity 18VS has a SEER rating of up to 19 and an HSPF rating of up to 11. For comparison, most heat pumps on the market range between 14 and 22 SEEr and have a HSPF rating between 7.7 and 11. Which makes the Carrier Infinity 18VS one of the highest end heat pumps on the market when it comes to efficiency.

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What equipment can be paired with te Carrier Infinity 18VS?

Heat pumps are unique. They’re typically paired with a gas furnace or electric air handler in order to work. And the Carrier Infinity 18VS can be paired with any Carrier two-stage or variable speed furnace or heat pump. For all-electric homes you’ll want to consider the Carrier Infinity Variable Speed Fan coil, also known as the FE4A. For dual-fuel systems you may want to consider the Carrier Infinity 80, 96, or 98 gas furnaces.

Who is a good fit for the Carrier Infinity™ 18VS?

But who is the Carrier Infinity 18vs a good fit for? The Infinity 18vs is great for homeowners looking to upgrade an aging heat pump that’s 10 years or older. It’s also ideal for homeowners suffering from uncomfortable cold spots in the winter and hot spots during the summer. And if you have issues with uneven temperatures between floors or a room that’s difficult to keep comfortable the Carrier Infinity 18VS can help. By operating longer in its lower stages it can mix the conditioned air more evenly smoothing out any uneven temperatures you may have. If your house struggles with indoor humidity during the summer it can help with that as well.

However, it’s not for everyone. If you are planning on moving in the near future, on a budget, or simply don’t have too many indoor comfort concerns you might want to consider other heat pumps Carrier has to offer. 

How much does the Carrier Infinity™ 18VS Cost?

And now for the  all important cost question. To have the Carrier Infinity 18VS heat pump installed in your home expect to pay between $7,900 and $9,900. For comparison, a new heat pump installation can range between about $5,000 and $15,000. At Fire & Ice all of our estimates include the cost of equipment, labor, and any additional fees.

If you have an all-electric system, you’ll need to replace the air handler as well, which can add around $2,700 to $7,600. And adding heat strips can be an additional $250 to $650.

There are several factors that can affect the price of a heat pump, such as the size of your home, the heat pump’s tonnage, filters and other indoor air quality products, and any modifications that may be needed during installation. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to HVAC systems. 

What’s the next step in the process?

Let’s talk about what to do next. If you are considering the Carrier Infinity 18vs and would like more information, click the free estimate button at the top of the screen to schedule a time for your free in-home estimate. Thank you for watching, and we look forward to making your day better.

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