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How Much Does a Ductless Mini-Split Cost?


Ductless mini-splits are great solutions for increasing your comfort level in areas of your home that can’t be reached by your current HVAC system. Many have asked, what do they cost? In this video we’ll break down the cost of a ductless system.

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Video Transcription

Ductless mini-splits are great solutions for increasing your comfort level in areas of your home that can’t be reached by your current HVAC system. Many have asked, what do they cost? In this video we’ll break down the cost of a ductless system.

Hi, I’m Luke with Fire & Ice, and we’ve installed hundreds of mini-splits and spoken with thousands of customers who have considered a mini-split, and one of the biggest questions that comes up is how much do they cost? 

The simple answer is, it all depends. For example:

  • A single zone/one room heating and cooling solution will range between $3700 and $6000.
  • A dual zone/two room system will run between $5,500 and $9,000.
  • A system that provides heating and cooling for multiple zones/three to eight rooms starts at $8,500 and goes up.

But don't let the sticker price scare you. In this video we'll break it all down and see what goes into the price of a ductless mini-split and we'll cover:

  • Power and Size of the System
  • The type of indoor units
  • Best Installation Practices
  • Additional Features and options

By the end of this video you’ll know if a ductless mini-split system is right for you.

Factor #1: Power and Size of the System

One of the biggest factors that determines the cost of a ductless mini-split system is the size and power needed to meet your needs. Most homeowners won’t need more than a single indoor unit in areas where mini-splits are most common, like attics, garages and guest houses, and require less powerful, smaller sized systems. However, if you’re installing a system for more than one area, the size and power of the overall system will be more.

 Factor #2: Types of indoor units

Another factor are the different types of indoor units that are available:

  • The most economical are wall units, which are mounted at or above eye level against the wall.
  • Next are floor units, which run even to the ground in a room.
  • The most expensive options are ceiling cassettes. These indoor units are nearly flush with the surface of your ceiling, requiring additional work to install properly, and may require additional parts like a condensate pump.

Factor #3: Installation Practices

During the installation of your new ductless mini-split, a line set will connect the indoor and outdoor units. Most mini-split systems include 15 feet of line set by default. 

If the distance between indoor and outdoor units is further than 15 feet, additional line will need to be run, which increases cost.

At Fire & Ice we always include a line hide with installation at no additional cost, which protects the refrigerant line. Some other companies will skip this step, or may charge extra if asked to include a line hide.

 Factor #4: Additional Features and options

Like any HVAC system, there are options available in some models that aren’t in others, such as connectivity, efficiency, and comfort control.

All ductless options will cool your home, but some can heat your home as well. We usually recommend this because it allows for year-round use, but if you don’t need it to heat an area, you can save some money by removing this option.

 What are the reasons to consider a ductless system?

Now that we’ve broken down the cost of ductless mini-splits, what are the reasons you might want to consider a ductless system? There are several:

  1. One being efficiency: Mini-splits can operate up to a 33 SEER. This is much higher than even high-efficiency air conditioning systems.
  2. Another reason is zone control. The cost savings from this can be immense. You can control individual zones in your home with a touch of a button and never have to worry about your energy usage.
  3. Additionally they are environmentally friendly. Ductless mini-splits are some of the most environmentally friendly HVAC equipment on the market.
  4. Another reason is there is no ductwork. Particularly for homes without existing ductwork, the cost to properly install ductwork can exceed that of a traditional HVAC system.
  5. And finally, even heating and cooling. Modern systems can sense hot or cold spots within a room and adjust accordingly to provide optimal, consistent comfort throughout a zone.

 What are the next steps?

If you’re considering a ductless system, now’s the time to speak to a licensed HVAC contractor to discuss your options, get a free estimate, and make the decision that’s right for your home. If you’re in Central Ohio, Fire & Ice can help with that decision. We’d love to help you determine if a mini-split is right for you. Give us a call today! Thank you for watching and we are looking forward to making your day better.

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