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Fire & Ice Stories | Jonathan's New HVAC System


Years ago Jonathan used Fire & Ice to service his old system. When the system finally failed, he scheduled an estimate with a residential sales professional. Listen to his story to hear how Fire & Ice exceeded his expectations and made him and his family comfortable in their home.

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Video Transcription

Oh, ours just went dark. It just stopped. It literally stopped working, it was hot and it was just it was unbearable. I mean, it might have been the hottest day of the year. Like 95. We had a air conditioning problem.

It didn't work and it was hot and it was the middle of summer, and it was brutal a year ago when I needed a service call my old system, I call it around and I do that. I shop and I am just crazy about that because you just you don't want to be foolish.

So I made a couple of calls. two well-known heating and cooling places, and I just said, you know, this is what I've got, this is the problem I have. What do you think? And I called one that was a little outrageous.

I thought called another one thought that I saw. I actually saw a commercial, I think, for fire and ice. So I said, Far nice, nice name. I'm going to give them a call, and I have to tell you.

The amazing part was that we were suffering and they were like, You know, I'll come out today. Take a look. Tell you what you need. And Luke came out and we just went through everything he gave me every option, every possibility, and it was still hard.

It was hard to make a decision. There were, there were. Technical things that, you know, that a layman wouldn't understand. So I had to rely and ask questions and questions and questions, I think for 24 hours, Luke and I were just texting back and forth and calling back and forth because I wanted to make sure I made

the right decision. I said, Luke, you're sitting in my shoes right now. What are you getting? And tell me why. And it was three choices and a bit of an economic difference between the three choices. So, you know, once again, I relied on.

This man who I just met, but I felt was actually working in my best interest, and so I went with, you know, exactly what Luke told me. You know, he would do for if it were his home and this is an old home.

I mean, it was built in 1933. And I'm not sure when things started happening in the basement, in ductwork and things like that. All I know is I go down there, I look up and I go, Wow, this is complicated.

And they came in fire and people came in just the nicest guys in the world and they worked and they it was just amazing to watch and they made sure every aspect down in the basement was sealed off or taken care of, or this change changed this direction.

I just thought it was really cool how these guys talk to me as if this was a they were doing this for me. This was for me. They weren't just doing a job and trying to get out of here.

They were taking however long it was going to take to get it right as as those guys were wrapping things up downstairs. one of the technicians, he came up and he said, Let's talk about this, this thermostat. And we got into it because I was just impressed with the technology.

I love that stuff and I love the whole phone thing and everything in the app. But but getting on to there and being able to schedule. And now I just get the phone out, and it's kind of cool, you know, just hit a couple of numbers and, you know, three minutes later, I'm like, Yeah, this is the

way it's supposed to be. It's fantastic. The kids used to call this house the igloo. It was cold. It was always cold in here or it was always hot. It just was. And I thought, old home. Flaws. I don't know.

That's just the way it's it's a way life is the day of the installation and that night and the next day, my kids would tell me things are different in here. And we were like, we didn't think things could be like this.

Honest to God, we didn't think it could be like this. And the whole house was all of a sudden really comfortable. And it all had to do with new system and the guys knowing what they were doing down there, putting things together correctly so the air would go to the proper places.

And I found it. The whole atmosphere in here just seems to be cleaner, fresher, better. And better is really good. So, so I'm kind of be holding fire and ice, did you know what they told me they were going to do, though?

I'm not sure I believed it at the beginning and they hit a home run. I've got an incredible family. Just I've got to get a voucher. OK, great kids. Wife is incredible. Great life. And and I'm thankful for it.

You know, and I and I. It's just nice to not have to worry about when you're in your house, when you're in your home. You'd like to be comfortable. Not everybody is so. So not only do I like it, but I appreciate it because you know we can do that.

We can be we can be comfortable in our house and. And that's what it's all about, you know, being comfortable in your own home.

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