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Fire & Ice Stories | Katy's New HVAC System

After moving into their new house Katy and her husband learned they would be needing a new HVAC system soon. Listen to Katy’s story to hear how Fire & Ice was able to help them find the perfect system that was both affordable and energy efficient.

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November 19th, 2021

Every year they were like, OK, this could be the year that it breaks, like, do you want like hedge that bet or like, how long are you going to try to play chicken with your with your HVAC system?

This is our first house, so we are long term renters. My husband was in med school and then we just lived on a small budget for a while and finally got to the point where we were able to buy. And yeah, this was a great house. We knew eventually that the HVAC would need to be replaced, but we were trying to put that off as long as we could because we knew it would be a big purchase.

Over time, I think we're just keeping our ears open around what companies are in town. And who is doing that work around here and who are people using. So to be honest, like Fire and Ice, we had seen them several times, you know, in like commercials or in fliers. So that was pretty easy to when we were ready to start looking for someone that was like one name that we're like, "Oh, well, we'll look at Fire and Ice". We went with Fire and Ice and one other. I don't remember the name of the other, but we we just felt more comfortable with fire and ice. They just seemed to like, you know, Luke was with our guy that that met with us, and he just seemed very down to earth and very transparent and like explaining the different options and price points and kind of what we're looking for. He just was able to answer a lot of our questions, and we didn't get that like skeezy feeling that you sometimes get with sales people. And that was really important to us because, you know, I'm the one that tends to do more of the the boots on the ground, like talking with technicians.

And so I definitely wanted to feel comfortable that like he was explaining things in a way that I can understand and was being respectful and was being personable. I just remember that being again, very like well communicated about what to expect again about who would be there, about how long they would be there.

Everybody was super respectful. From everything, from obviously like, you know, taking their shoes off or putting the little like booties on. Wearing masks. I don't know if we even had to wear masks at that time, but every time Fire and Ice has come, they've been very respectful during the era of COVID. Around that and around safety. But yeah, everyone was very, everyone on the whole team was very personable, which isn't always the case. I remember that they, you know, before air conditioning, the guy even =trimmed our bushes around the air conditioner. So, you know, we'd make sure not to, like, have them be too close. And so just like little things like that, even to be able to go out of the way to prevent future issues, right at that time.

Everything was cleaned up completely. They they made sure to go over everything with me. Like right over here is our thermostat. And so they spent time walking us through how to use that. Yeah, we don't have to have the heat set up very high either. Like, we're able to have a comfortable living environment knowing that like, you know, the way that it's set up, it's energy efficient. And in the summertime, yeah, the air conditioning has been great. So yeah, we're living in a very nice like controlled temperature environment with a lot of changes inside, which just makes it nice. 

So there were things that obviously we were, you know, the price was important to us, but also being energy efficient was important to us. We felt like we came to a good conclusion, and Luke was a really big part of that because he was the one who knew the main differences between the different kinds of units and helped us just think through it and again was patient while we made that decision. And then, you know, I could I could tell that he was like supportive of that decision. Again, I never felt like, "Oh, we really need to get the top of the top of the top." You know, it was never that type of like pushiness or anything. It was really like, "OK, what's right for you? Yeah, I agree. I think for what you've told me, this makes the most sense." So it was just comfortable and I could look trustworthy.

I think the most important is to pick a company that you can trust, that you wouldn't have to then midstream change into using a different company because that is frustrating and feels like you're starting from ground zero. Like if one person installed it, another person's coming and checking on it. Like, it's so nice to have a consistency. To have even familiar people that we might see more than once and to be able to just feel like we were able to make this investment with also investing in the the team at Fire and Ice.

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