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The Importance of Line Set Protection

In this video, we discuss installation and benefits of line set protection, which provides added value and peace of mind for your home air conditioner and heat pump installations.

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February 17th, 2021

Does your line set need to be protected? A common question asked that is often ignored in the HVAC industry. Let's take a minute and discuss the importance of line set protection. 

Hi, I'm Bryan, with Fire & Ice. We have installed thousands of air conditioners, heat pumps and ductless mini-splits over the years. Time and time again, we see the same thing when removing the old outdoor units. Old worn out damaged line sets. We began to ask ourselves, "Is there a way to protect these lines from everyday wear and tear?" We have found an affordable, easy to install system that will solve this problem with an esthetically pleasing solution that will protect your investment for the life of the product. In this video, we'll discuss what is line set protection. Why do I need line set protection? Who is line set protection good for? How much does it cost? 

What is line set protection?

A positive seal line set protection is made from UV resistant materials that consists of two parts. An airtight seal, where the line set meets the home and a sheathe that wraps around the line sets insulation and piping. This system provides a seal keeping your home watertight, pest free and protects the line from any damage from the elements, pests, and any lawn care accidents.

 Why do I need line set protection?

A line set is the materials used to guide, protect and insulate an air conditioner's refrigerant line. These materials include copper, tubing, wiring and insulation. When the refrigerant line is exposed, it can become damaged, causing coolant to leak, the unit to lose efficiency. Ultimately, lead to higher energy bills and not to mention they can be quite the eyesore. Here in central Ohio, in unprotected lines that can be exposed to several things that can cause damage to the refrigerant line running into your house. Inclement weather, rain, snow, wind, sleet and ice. Dogs and other small animals, or anything that likes to chew or get tangled in the line. Weed eaters and other lawn care devices. A positive seal line set protection system is specifically designed to protect your system and increase efficiency.

See what happened to that foam over the years it disintegrated. It created a big gap. They get in there, and they crawl up the chase and get into the attic or, you know, roaches, rodents, different kinds of animals. You know, it's a pretty dangerous situation. And that's the main reason why I use and see the importance of the Airex system. 

Who is line set protection good for?

A positive seal line set protection is ideal for individuals looking to install a new air conditioner or heat pump and wish to prolong the efficiency of their air conditioner, protect their investment and have an esthetically pleasing system attached to their home. Now you might be saying, but I'm not ready to purchase a new air conditioner. Can I install a line separate section on my current air conditioner? The simple answer is no. From our experience, adding line set protection to an already installed system would be more cost prohibitive than beneficial.

How much does line set protection cost?

Now you might be saying this system sounds great, but how much does it cost? Here's the best part we are charging for installation of line set protection with any new installation. Most HVAC contractors ignore the problems that can occur with line sets and don't consider adding line set protection to their installation process here at Fire and Ice. We want to do things right for our customers. We saw a problem and this is the solution. But rather than hold it over your head with an additional cost, it will be installed automatically when you replace or install a compatible unit.

What are the next steps?

If you're considering a new air conditioner, heat pump or your home and want to protect your investment, ensure the line sets are protected. You can have peace of mind knowing that every unit we install will come with line set protection. Give us a call or fill out the zip code form below to start your journey. Thank you for watching, and we are looking forward to making your day better.

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