Six Problems Caused By Dry Air

Six Problems Caused By Dry Air

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Dry air can cause the membranes to become ineffective. Additionally, many viruses tend to spread more easily and live longer without proper humidification.

We all complain about summer humidity, but have you stopped to think about the problems in your Columbus, OH when the air is too dry in the winter? Proper humidification is one of the most ignored aspects of indoor air quality. Here are some examples of what we're talking about:

1. Health problems

You may not realize it but the moist mucous membranes in your throat and nose are like disease preventers. They catch, dirt, dust, bacteria, and viruses before they reach your lungs. Or at least they do when they are truly moist. Dry winter air can cause the membranes to become ineffective. Additionally, many viruses tend to spread more easily and live longer in dry air. Proper humidification can actually reduce your risk of illness.

2. Dry throats and noses

When the air dries out those membranes it can be really uncomfortable. Your nasal passages get itchy and irritated. In some people, the result is frequent nose bleeds and painful sore throats that can be especially bothersome at night when you are trying to sleep.

3. Dry Skin

When the humidity is too low the air literally sucks the moisture out of your skin. This causes itching, flaking, painful cracking of the skin, and chapped lips. The dry air can also cause eczema and acne.

4. Static Electricity

No one enjoys these shocking experiences including your pets. It's worse when the air is dry because the static electricity builds up instead of being dissipated by the moist air. When the buildup reaches a certain point, the results are painful electric shocks when you touch doorknobs or other metal surfaces.

5. Structural changes

All the wood in your home has some moisture in it. When the wood gets unusually dry during the winter it will cause changes in the structure of your home. You might notice the floors will start to creak. The dry air also affects the frame of your home causing it to shrink slightly. Doors can become difficult to open and close.

6. Expensive furnishings

The dry air can also damage the things in your home. Wood furniture can bend and crack. Delicate musical instruments can go out of tune and be damaged. Hardwood floors and woodwork can warp and crack.

Proper humidity level

During the winter your indoor humidity should be around 45% but it can often drop to 15% or less. The best way to fight back is with a whole-house humidifier. Fire & Ice features the Aprilaire brand, the industry leader. The humidifier is tied into your central heating system spreading moisture throughout the house. Proper humidification will also make your home feel warmer. As a result, you can lower the thermostat setting by three or four degrees, saving money on the heating bill.

Don't put up with dry air

If you're ready to make your Columbus, OH home healthier, more comfortable, and protect it from damage caused by dry air, call Fire & Ice Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about whole-home humidification. Be sure to like us on Facebook for more great information like this.

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