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Warning Signs Your AC Needs Repaired

As warm weather approaches, it is important to check your air conditioning system to make sure that it will be able to cool your home over the summer.

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June 1st, 2023

As warm weather approaches, it is important to check your air conditioning system to make sure that it will be able to cool your home over the summer.


Hi, I’m Jimmy from Fire & Ice. As a residential service technician, I’ve helped thousands of Central Ohio homeowners get the most out of their HVAC system. At Fire & Ice we believe in giving our customers as much information as they need. In this video, we’re going to go over signs that your air conditioner needs to be repaired.


It Takes your A/C a Lot Longer to Cool

One of the first signs you’ll notice is that it takes longer to cool. The change will probably be subtle at first. It may not even be obvious until there’s a hot spell when the outside temperature lingers above 90 degrees for days at a time. But you’ll have a flash of insight one day when the AC runs and runs and runs.


Your Electricity Bills Are Higher Than Normal

Sometimes the only clue you have that your air conditioner needs attention is an electric bill. A sudden spike in your electric bill is a sign of trouble.  A comparison from month to month, or maybe year to year, can at least give you a sign. When your A/C needs a repair it may start using more electricity to cool your house due to its loss of efficiency. 

Your AC is Making Strange Noises

Any strange noise coming from your A/C should be investigated. A host of things gone sour can be responsible for strange noises: the compressor, the contactor, the blower motor, among others. Any strange noises coming from your air handler or compressor should be investigated by a HVAC professional. 

It Feels Muggy in the House

Air conditioning doesn’t just cool the house by removing hot air. It also removes humidity. And if there’s a problem, the indoor humidity might creep up past comfortable levels. If you have a thermostat that can track the indoor relative humidity, keep an eye on it. If the level creeps up, you know you have a problem.

There’s an Ice Buildup on the AC

Ice can form on your air conditioner if the refrigerant level is too low, or ice could be caused by faulty wiring or a dirty coil. This will cause poor performance and can even cause a complete failure. Scraping or chiseling ice from your unit could exacerbate the problem. It needs to defrost, and then the problem causing the ice needs to be addressed by a professional.

Water Is Pooling Around the Furnace

If you notice water near your furnace during the summer, the seal on your evaporator coil could be compromised. Your evaporator coil is the indoor component of your air conditioner or heat pump. In some HVAC setups, the evaporator coil is located on top of your furnace cabinet. Your evaporator coil produces moisture – that’s why your air conditioner/heat pump has a drain. But if your evaporator coil isn’t properly sealed, this moisture could leak into and around your furnace.

What you can do when your A/C Needs repaired

Schedule regular service appointments to ensure your A/C is in top shape. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your A/C and furnace working well. Changing your air filter. A clogged air filter can make your furnace work harder.  Keep the area around your AC clear of debris. A lot of debris around your A/C unit can make it work harder and longer and makes it less efficient.You can also clean out the condensation drain. Cleaning out the drain helps keep things working smoothly between tuneups.



What are the next steps?

I hope by now you have a better understanding of signs your A/C needs repaired. If you’d like to schedule a service appointment for your system, click the schedule service button at the top of the screen. Thank you for watching and we look forward to making your day better.

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