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Mitsubishi MUY Air Conditioner
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Quick Overview

Details on the Mitsubishi MUY Air Conditioner

Cooling-only single-zone, wall-mounted air conditioner models operate quietly and efficiently to provide comfort in any room. Ductless mini-split Compact side discharge outdoor unit Quiet operation for both indoor and outdoor units Hand-held wireless remote controller only Indoor unit powered from outdoor unit using A-Control Zone control Automatic restart following a power outage Self-check function — onboard diagnostics Dry mode function is standard Offers a wide vane for a wider angle of airflow, 150° from left to right Warranty covers five year parts, seven years on the compressor

Up To 24.6

MUY Air Conditioner Highlights

  • Trane/Mitsibushi's high efficient
  • Up to 24.6 SEER rating
  • Variable speed compressor

Comparing the Mitsubishi MUY Air Conditioner

See how the Mitsubishi MUY Air Conditioner stacks up to other comparable units.

Product XR16 XR14 MUY 24ABC6 XR13
Brand Trane Trane Mitsubishi Carrier Trane
Comfort Rating 70 65 65 65 60
Efficiency (SEER) up to 17 up to 16 up to 24.6 16 up to 13
Blower Motor Variable
Communicating No No No No No
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