Aprilaire Whole-House Dehumidifier

Josh talks about the Aprilaire dehumidifier and how it can help get rid of that sticky, cold clammy feeling and musty smells.

Video Transcription

Josh: Let's talk about whole home dehumidifiers by April air. Do you ever have a really musty odor in your home? Maybe in the basement, some moisture issues, lots of spiders, insects, maybe even a, some rust on your washer, dryer. Well, all this is because the moisture levels inside the home in the basement are too hot. So what's nice about the Aprilaire dehumidifier, what's nice is that it can remove 95 pints a day. It has a five year warranty. You can save up to almost $300 in energy versus a box store dehumidifier so fire and ice partnered with Aprilaire. It's a perfect solution to any of your indoor air quality needs.

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