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Best HVAC Brands of 2024

Do HVAC brands matter? In this article, we will discuss the top HVAC brands, why brand matters, and why you should stick with one brand name for your HVAC needs.

Best HVAC Brands of 2024

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Joshua Rodriguez


January 17th, 2024

If you’re a homeowner, you probably get a lot of conflicting information on what products or services are needed to keep your home safe and comfortable. Arguably, one of the most essential products a home needs is an HVAC system.

We understand the difficulty of finding what HVAC brand is right for you, your home, and your comfort. At Fire & Ice, we believe that the contractor that installs your system is more important than the brand. Nevertheless, we want our customers to have options, especially those that are brand loyal. After all, purchasing a new HVAC system is a considerable investment for any new homeowner.

There are several brands out there, and we want to talk about the brands we have traditionally worked with as well as the ones we don't. Our number one priority is your comfort. If your comfort matches one of our trusted HVAC brands, that’s great! If not, we want you, the customer, to feel confident in your decision.

Let's get started!

HVAC Brands

As previously stated, there are plenty of HVAC brands on the market. In this section, we will cover three things:

  1. Brand names
  2. What they are most known for
  3. Short description of each brand

This list is in alphabetical order. It’s not intended to cover every brand on the market, but many of the most well-known and trusted brands.


Amana was founded in 1934 in Amana, Iowa. With over 80 years of HVAC knowledge and expertise, the brand strives for affordability, aiming to produce quality products that fit a variety of budgets, including those not looking for luxury features in their equipment.

American Standard

American Standard has been in business since the 1800s. According to the company’s site, American Standard produces long-lasting and dependable HVAC products that meet your optimal temperature needs while maximizing your overall comfort. 


Charles Bryant started his HVAC journey more than a hundred years ago, in 1904. Bryant prides itself on delivering reliable products. This means that every product is run through comprehensive tests and trials before making it to your local HVAC contractor.


If you’ve ever google-searched “HVAC brands,” one of the top searches is the brand Carrier. Not only do we carry Carrier, but they are also well-known for being the quietest and most energy-efficient  HVAC systems available on the market.

Carrier was founded by Willis Carrier in 1915 and has over a century of home comfort expertise. Because of his invention, he is known as the “Inventor of Modern Air Conditioning.”

Today, Carrier continues to be a leading innovator within the HVAC industry.


Goodman is a fairly new player in the HVAC game; it was founded in 1982, and, despite its age, it has quickly made a name for itself.

They are known for being a household name that you can trust. Their number one goal is to achieve reliable, high-quality, and affordable indoor comfort products. According to their site, all of their manufacturing is done in the US.


Lennox states that they are more than HVAC; it's a promise. The company was founded over 125 years ago and operates on three guiding principles: integrity, respect, and excellence.

They believe the key to healthy living starts with the air you breathe. Their overarching drive to provide “perfect air”  is the driving force behind all of their products and services.  


When you think of Mitsubishi, you probably think of a car, but did you know they produce and sell HVAC systems and equipment?

Founded in 2018, Mitsubishi is the newest player to be put in the HVAC game. Their mission is to combine technology with heating and cooling products to deliver exceptional energy efficiency, control, and comfort to homeowners. They’re often known for their ductless systems, which are among the most sophisticated on the market.

If you're looking for an HVAC Mitsubishi dealer in Columbus, click here!


At Rheem, their customers are their first priority. Rheem was founded in 1930 by two brothers, Richard and Donald Rheem. Today, Rheem is commonly known for being the largest manufacturer of water heating products (ex: water heater) in North America.

However, their heating and cooling products line, including a heat pump, an air handler, air conditioners, and furnaces, are a close second.

Not to mention, Rheem is the only manufacturer worldwide that produces HVAC systems, water heaters, pool/spa heating, and commercial refrigeration products. 


Did you know that Trane is one of the oldest brands in today’s HVAC market? Founded in the late 1800s, they quickly became one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Then, in 2008, Trane Technologies acquired Trane. After that, Trane Technologies was able to provide more products, services, and solutions.

Does the HVAC Brand You Choose Actually Matter?

Now that we have gone over the top brands, you may ask yourself, “Does brand really matter?” In short, yes, but a lot of other things do, too, including:

Long-term Investment

One of the biggest reasons, if not the most important reason, to care about “ brands” when it comes to your HVAC units is that you are making a long-term investment in your home. On average, an HVAC system can last up to 15-20 years with proper and preventative maintenance!

As you pick out your next HVAC system brand, it’s also worth noting that choosing the right contractor is as important, if not more important, than the brand you choose. Specific brands such as Carrier and Trane are particularly selective when choosing which HVAC contractors to endorse.

Every Customer and Home is Unique

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, they're just saying that.” You may think you are just another homeowner buying yet another household appliance; however, every customer is different, and every home is unique. I can tell you from personal sales experience that no one or home is created equally, especially regarding your home comfort system.

Several things go into choosing the best brand and products for your residential home. Among this list are:

  • What is the size of your home?
  • How many people live in the house?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Is anyone in your home immunocompromised?
  • Do you think the air in your home is more dry than wet?
  • And so much more!

Each of these aspects can impact the HVAC unit your contractor provides. Yes, each system will cool or heat your home, but at the end of the day, some brands will outperform others in certain aspects that you find important and other customers don’t. 

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Should All My HVAC Systems be the Same Brand?

Now, if you're like most new homeowners, you didn’t build your home from scratch; therefore, you probably didn’t get to choose the type of HVAC system that came with it or how often it was serviced.

We’ve seen a lot of homeowners who need to replace their air conditioning system but not their heating system, or vice versa. In this instance, it begs the question: “Do my HVAC systems have to be the same brand? Or, “Do I have to replace my furnace and air conditioner at the same time?”

In all reality, it's your home and your overall comfort. Nevertheless, HVAC experts strongly encourage homeowners to

  • Purchase the same HVAC brand
  • Get both HVAC units replaced at the same time

Purchasing the Same Brand

You purchase an iPhone, and the charging cable that comes with it is specifically made for the iPhone; the same goes if you buy an Android. Long story short, you can’t use an iPhone charger on an Android, and you can’t use an Android charger for your iPhone. Of course, you can get a compatible charger from a third-party seller, but it will be less efficient.

The same goes for your HVAC equipment. You cannot pair the lowest level of a furnace with an infinity-level air conditioner. An A/C needs a furnace to function; however, a furnace does not require an A/C to function. Ultimately, it comes down to the blower motor located in the furnace. 

If systems are coupled incorrectly, the systems will not be able to communicate effectively with one another; it will void any HVAC warranties, which in the end, will waste your time, effort, and money.

Replacing Both of Your HVAC Systems at the Same Time

At this point, you may ask yourself: “Do I have to replace both of my systems simultaneously?” The short answer is “no.” Nonetheless, two new HVAC units make a happy and comfortable home.

If you replace both of your residential HVAC systems simultaneously, your new residential HVAC system will be more energy efficient than your previous one. Plus, it’s great for your wallet and the environment!

Are You Ready to Talk to a Heating and Cooling Professional?

Now that we've gone through all the best HVAC brands, we hope you can make an informed decision regarding your next residential HVAC system.

Generally speaking, you will only find an HVAC contractor working with up to three major brands. Mainly because of the economy, company logistics, and overall trust HVAC contractors have in their products and services.

We have found that the brands we work with are ones we trust to deliver consistent products that give homeowners the best whole-home comfort they deserve without breaking the bank

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