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Best Mitsubishi Dealers in Columbus, Ohio

Best Mitsubishi Dealers in Columbus, Ohio
Olivia Minnier
Content Writer

About This Article

In this article, we looked at Mitsubishi dealers in the Columbus, Ohio, area and provided five of the most qualified with a superior service record.

At Fire & Ice, we know that our customers expect quality installation and quality products. Of course, you can have the best installation practices, but if the products you install are not up to par, it will only get you so far.

One such brand is Mitsubishi. The first Mitsubishi company was founded in 1870 by Yataro Iwasaki as a shipping firm. Modern-day Mitsubishi Electric was founded when Mitsubishi Ship Building Company turned a factory into Mitsubishi Electric Corp. in 1921. Mitsubishi Electric’s first primary commercial product was an electric fan, which became a national best-seller.

However, just because you love and trust Mitsubishi and know you want to have those products installed in your home does not mean all dealers who sell Mitsubishi are created equal.

They may not abide by the same standards, making it confusing for the average homeowner. So, how do you separate the good from the bad?

We’ve sold Mitsubishi products for years and trust their products are the quality we demand, but we are frequently asked our opinion about other dealers in the Central Ohio area.

To help our consumers, below, we’ve given a list of five dealers in the area listed in alphabetical order. We encourage you to research further if necessary, as this is not an all-inclusive list.

Custom Air Conditioning and Heating Co.

Custom Air Conditioning and Heating is located in Columbus, where they have been serving the greater area since 1976, they offer heating repair, air conditioning repair, commercial services, indoor air quality services, and maintenance plans.

Favret Heating and Cooling

Next on the list is Favret Heating and Cooling. Favret has been serving Columbus since 1924 and offers furnace repair, maintenance and installation services, emergency repair services, and air conditioner repair, maintenance, and replacement. They also complete maintenance on heat pumps.

Logan AC and Heat Services

Logan started in the greater Miami Valley area of Ohio in 1969 and today services the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus areas. They offer furnace repair, furnace maintenance, furnace replacement, air conditioning repair, replacement and maintenance, air quality services, duct cleaning.

Northland Heating and Cooling

Northland Heating and Cooling have been serving the Columbus area for over 50 years. They offer furnace installation, maintenance, and replacement, air conditioner maintenance, repair and replacement, 24-hour emergency service, and water heater installation and replacement.

Remember that this list is not every dealer in the area, but it should give you a good start on options.

Choosing a Mitsubishi Mini-Split HVAC Dealer in Columbus, Ohio

With such a wide variety of options, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Here are some factors to consider when picking your next mini-split HVAC dealer:

Dealer’s Reputation for Quality and Dependability

You should always ask your potential HVAC dealer for their license, insurance, code compliance, and what certification their technicians are mandated to have. You can also request to look at customer reviews and see if they have testimonials from customers on their services. If they do not have any reviews or cannot provide customer testimonials, you may want to reconsider getting services from them.

Innovative Product Offerings and Suggestions

Ask your prospective dealer about the products they sell in the line you are interested in having in your home. See if they are up-to-date on their technical knowledge and overall line and product familiarity. Can they suggest products for your home that include the latest technology?

Customized Solutions for Your Home

The best dealers understand that not all products work for all homes or clients. Therefore, they should be able to sit down with you and work to make a customized solution that fits your home, your needs, and your budget, not a one-size-fits-all solution for “everyone.”

Standard and Care for Employees

You should ask about their standards and care for their employees. Are they independent contractors or W2’d employees? We’ve seen that systems installed or repaired by independent contractors are often poorly done. This could cost you in the long run because you have to call someone else to get the job done. At Fire & Ice, all employees are held accountable for the quality of their work, not just the amount of work they do.

Extra Support for your HVAC Products

Additionally, you should look for a dealer who respects your time and money by double-checking their installation and continuing to monitor your product for issues in the future. Finally, look for companies that offer follow-ups, 24-hour emergency maintenance, and other services to keep your equipment running smoothly.

At Fire and Ice, we take this commitment to customer care very seriously, which is why we provide a final quality inspection after every job and offer Nexia Diagnostics to help monitor your machine.

Final Quality Inspection (FQI)

A week or two after installation, a Fire & Ice representative will return to your home to ensure everything is functioning correctly, ensure you understand your thermostat and comfort options and inspect the quality of the installation. If anything is amiss, it is reported to our training and management staff and is used to inform changes to our installation practices and training.

We’re proud to be the only contractor in the area who will return for this visit to look you in the eye and ensure you’re satisfied with the job.

Supporting your HVAC through the Long Haul

We schedule follow-up communications two weeks, 90 days, six months, and one year after installation to ensure you’re satisfied with your system. Additionally, with affordable, proactive maintenance plans, our company is designed to support your HVAC investment for years to come.

Training for HVAC contractors

At Fire & Ice, we believe in continuing education. Therefore, we have invested in Central Ohio’s largest training center, where we provide our technicians with over 200 hours of continuing education per year. We also encourage our technicians to achieve certifications.

Our installation teams are N.A.T.E certified, the industry standard for excellence.

Installation Practices

Last is installation practices and follow-up. If corners are cut, and less accurate tools are used to install your equipment, your system will likely fail sooner than it should. That’s why we use the most accurate digital tools and up-to-date installation practices to ensure your system is installed right the first time. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we will work to find a solution.

Getting a Trane-Mitsubishi Minisplit Dealer in Columbus, Ohio

If you are in the Columbus, Ohio, area, please call us. Even if you live in the Central Ohio area, please contact us. Use the zip code map below to check if you’re in our service area. If you still have questions on what a mini-split is or how it works, we’ve created an e-book for our customers to use during the buying process, that you can access here.

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