Fire & Ice at the Columbus Fall Home & Garden Show

Fire & Ice at the Columbus Fall Home & Garden Show
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Fireball is the mascot for Fire & Ice, helping customers educate themselves on heating and cooling to promote healthier, happier and more comfortable homes throughout Central Ohio.

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The 2020 Columbus Fall Home & Garden Show has moved online due to COVID. However, it offers the same interactive opportunities as a live show, and Fire & Ice is excited to attend.

Despite the caution required as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, on Oct. 8-10 the Columbus Fall Home & Garden Show is continuing on…

Online, that is.

The (Online) Fall Home & Garden Show

This year, the Home & Garden Show is moving to cyberspace. But you’ll still have access to many of the great elements of the live show.

To mimic the experience of a live home & garden show, the event will offer several interactive opportunities:

  1. Visit digital “display booths” for companies, which will feature products, services, special offers, and downloadable educational content.
  2. Talk live to experts from the attending companies. You’ll be able to text chat with specialists or even schedule a brief video conference call to discuss your questions, needs, and concerns.
  3. Presentations and breakout sessions will occur throughout the three-day event, and you’ll have a chance to sit in and watch as companies from Central Ohio cover a range of topics.

Register to Attend

All of this is entirely FREE, and easy to attend.

Head to for event details and to register.

Fire & Ice at the Home & Garden Show

Fire & Ice is prepared to make the most of this unique situation.

  • We’ll have a special offer only available to show attendees.
  • We’ll have multiple specialists on-call during all three days of the show to text or video chat with you about your HVAC needs.
  • We’re one of the breakout presentation speakers, and are preparing educational materials for homeowners looking to get the most out of their heating and cooling systems.

And while we won’t physically be there, we hope you’ll keep an eye out for Fireball in the online event lobby, as well as for Fire & Ice deals and offers.


HVAC services were deemed essential during the 2020 lockdowns, so Fire & Ice has been serving the Columbus, Ohio area throughout 2020.

We remain committed to safety with our No-Contact Service Calls and by adhering to recommended safety practices for the duration of the pandemic.

We’re sad that we won’t be able to interact in-person with the many people we see each year at the year’s home & garden shows, but we’re thrilled that the show was able to transition to digital format. We’ll have our experts ready and waiting each day of the show to answer your questions via video or chat.

We look forward to “meeting” you at the show!

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