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Furnace Repair - The Fire & Ice Experience

When your furnace breaks down, it important to get it fixed properly and we want to make sure you know everything involved in the repair process.

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December 15th, 2020

So, you definitely want to know that your house is safe to run. I mean, heat is different than, say, air conditioning. Air conditioning can cool your house. I mean, yeah, there's other you know, issues that can come up, but heating, it can definitely create a lot of bad issues. So, you definitely want to make sure that your heater or a furnace is heating properly the way it should. That way, you know, you're safe, your kids safe, your animals are safe. Things like that.

My name is James. I'm a service technician for Fire & Ice for the last three years. So, I service AC’s, repair, service furnaces. Whatever the problem is, we come in and check it out and, you know, take care of it for you. So, when they tell us something is going on, we'll just say in particular, the house won't get past 63 degrees.

That kind of gives us an indication like it could be a flame sensor issue. Depends on, you know, how long have they had maintenance? When was the last time they had maintenance? Or if they ever had maintenance. Depending on the repair, it could be as little as cleaning a flame sensor. It could be a dirty filter. I mean, there's multiple things that can create a furnace not to work or have issues.

If it's a more serious problem that say, you know, it's going to we can pretty much fix anything. It's just a point of how much is that going to cost? How old is the furnace? And then, you know, at that point, how much money are you willing to put into the furnace to make it go maybe another year?

I mean, you know, you can't really honestly 100% say, oh, you know, we'll see you three years from now. Because you don't know, you know, do you really want to throw X amount of dollars into this repair? Or would you rather replace to where you have, you know, a good warranty on the system? It's brand new and you don't have to.

That's something that you don't have to worry for a peace of mind down the road for at least quite some time, as long as you keep, you know, required maintenance and, you know, you maintain your system as you do a car.

I always tell a customer anything over $500 repair on something that say maybe 15 or older years old. I always tell the customer, you know, I would always recommend looking at replacement because I can fix that $500 part. But what happens, you know, you got a 16-year-old furnace. So even if I say fix a blower motor, what about your induce or motor that could go. You know, there's, there's always other things and especially in six years you haven't changed one of them. There's other things that are going to keep braking on that furnace. So, we make sure that everything that you pay for is definitely being taken care of.

It's more of a do it right mentality, especially for me, because I don't want a call back. I don't want you to call me back and say, hey, this guy was just out here yesterday or a week from you know, a week ago and my furnace isn't working again. So, I try to make sure that everything that I do is benefiting you.

100% we do everything we can for a customer. We definitely want you to feel safe and we want you to feel like you have made the right choice. 100%.


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