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New Heat Pump Installation in Dublin, Ohio

Not sure where to start when buying a heat pump? We have you covered. Considerations and options to help you stay comfortable year-round in Dublin, Ohio

New Heat Pump Installation in Dublin, Ohio

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Scott Merritt


December 22nd, 2022

Dublin, Ohio, is the home to everything from the Dublin Irish Festival to the unique Field of Corn, an outdoor art installation featuring large, concrete stalks of corn. Downtown Dublin features Historic Dublin, Bridge Park, The Dublin Link and Riverside Crossing Park. All of these fine backgrounds for Instagram pics.

Dublin is also a sprawling community filled with HVAC needs that we’ve been honored to work on. We’ve installed hundreds and hundreds of furnaces and air conditioners in Dublin, and have serviced thousands of them.

We’ve also installed hundreds of new heat pumps in the area. They aren’t as popular as typical split systems (air conditioner on the outside, furnace on the inside), but as technology progresses, they are becoming a better and better option.

A repair may temporarily address the issue if your heat pump breaks down, but you’ll lose comfort while waiting for the repair person. It’s only a matter of time before you need to replace it. Good ones with proper installation can last 15 - 20 years. (Furnaces and air conditioners usually last longer because they run during one season.)

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At Fire & Ice, we believe you can get the most out of a heat pump replacement when you have the information you need to make a well-informed decision. In this article, we cover the factors that affect the cost of your replacement heat pump. After all, the more knowledge you have, the better you’ll be prepared to ask the right questions when talking to an HVAC contractor.

By the end of the article, you’ll have a range of cost estimates and options to begin your budgeting and decision-making process.

So if you’re in the market for one, or just want more information about them, read on.

Before a New Heat Pump Installation in Dublin, Ohio

If a contractor simply looks at your existing unit without doing a Manual J Load Calculation, they are selling you short and you might wind up with a system that’s not the right size for your home. Both the U.S. Department of Energy and the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) require load calculations such as the Manual J.

Your potential contractor should look at the house’s square footage, size, number and types of windows, make note of things such as insulation, house orientation (which way it’s facing), number of occupants, ductwork leakage, and so on.

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Two Major Factors That Affect Heat Pump Cost

Two major factors dictate the equipment cost of your replacement heat pump: size and efficiency


The capacity of your heat pump must satisfy your heating and cooling needs. It’s also referred to as “size.” If your unit is too small, it won’t be able to provide comfort to your home. It will also drive up the amount of your electric bill.

If it’s too big, you’ll have a different problem. It will run, meet the thermostat’s requested temperature, then shut off too quickly. It’s called short cycling. The circulating air won’t have a chance to mix with the uncirculated. That leads to hot and cold spots in your home. It also doesn’t allow enough time for the return air to pass through your furnace’s filter, leaving you with dirty indoor air.

As size increases, so does the cost of your replacement heat pump.


The more efficient your heat pump, the more the upfront cost.

However, the more efficient a heat pump is, the more you can save on energy costs in the long run. More efficient heat pumps can also typically provide more comfort.

Will the electricity savings offset the higher sticker price? It depends. How long will the heat pump last? How often will you use it? Are you planning to move in the next few years? How well will it be maintained? You’ll need to decide whether a more efficient heat pump is worth the investment.

How is heat pumps’ efficiency measured?

Since heat pumps provide both cooling and heating, manufacturers use two different ratings to score heat pump efficiency:

While cooling, a heat pump’s efficiency is scored with a SEER rating. Heat pumps can be between 14-20 SEER.

While heating, a heat pump’s efficiency is scored with an HSPF rating. Heat pumps can be between 7.7-10 HSPF.

The higher the SEER and HSPF ratings, the more efficient the heat pumps.

Importance of Equipment Matching

Another aspect of heating and cooling is equipment matching. Your HVAC technician might also use the term “rate.”

Equipment matching involves pairing compatible heating and cooling systems. This ensures that you get the most out of your HVAC system as a whole.

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Your HVAC system’s blower motor, located in either your furnace or air handler, is responsible for circulating air throughout your home. If your heat pump and your furnace or air handler aren’t compatible, you may not get the comfort and efficiency that you paid for.

This is especially important with variable-speed (also called variable-capacity) heat pumps. Variable-speed heat pumps provide increased efficiency and comfort over models that are single-stage.

A single-stage unit operates at either 100% on, or off. A two-stage unit will have an in-between speed. A variable-speed unit can operate at dozens and dozens of speeds.

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But without a variable-speed blower motor in your furnace, a variable-speed heat pump will not provide the same level of comfort or efficiency.

If you upgrade from a single-stage heat pump to a variable-capacity or a two-stage heat pump, you may need to replace your furnace as well.

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Electrical Requirements for Heat Pump Installation

Once in a while, we see that a home’s existing electrical work will not support a new system. This is sometimes the case when switching from an older thermostat to a smart thermostat that has additional control options.

The wiring that provides communication between your thermostat and the heat pump may need to be updated. Additionally, high-voltage wiring or breakers in your electric panel may need to be updated or resized.

Occasionally this high-voltage work requires a state-licensed electrician. Your HVAC contractor should inform you of this and also coordinate with an electrician to facilitate this work.

Always ask your contractor if your existing electrical work will support the system you have in mind.

A technician working on a heat pump.

Air Ductwork Modifications in Heat Pump Installation

Your ductwork must be sized correctly for your heating and cooling equipment. To do anything less is to waste efficiency.

Improperly sized ductwork can cause hot and cold spots throughout your home, decrease the longevity of your HVAC system, and increase operating costs.

Any HVAC sales representative who visits your home should inspect your air ducts.  This will help determine if the existing ductwork is sized properly for your system. They should also note potential problems such as air leaks or dampers that may be closed without the homeowners’ knowledge. Ductwork modifications can range from minor adjustments to substantial investments.

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Total Cost of a Heat Pump Replacement in Dublin Ohio

Now that you understand the factors that affect the cost of your heat pump replacement, what might you expect to pay?

Heat Pump Equipment & Installation Costs:

Entry-level heat pump: $4,900 - $7,000

Mid-range heat pump: $5,500 - $10,000

High-end heat pump: $6,500 - $12,500

The biggest factor that separates those tiers is whether the heat pump is single-stage, two-stage, or variable-capacity. These ranges include installation and labor.

The prices do not reflect what you might need to pay if you also have to replace your furnace, as well.

Ultimately, the best replacement heat pump for you depends on your comfort needs, preferences, and budget.

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Heat Pump Services in Dublin, OH

A good HVAC contractor will be able to walk you through each factor that affects the cost of your heat pump replacement. They will also identify potential issues that will affect the price of your system.

The day your heat pump is installed is the single most important day for the life expectancy of your system.  It’s the difference between a long, efficient life, and sub-par performance. Scheduling annual maintenance is also a good practice

If you’re ready to speak with a sales representative, we’d love to help you find the best heat pump for you.

At Fire & Ice, we care about your needs and comfort concerns. This helps us recommend heat pumps and other equipment that fit your preferences.

If you live in Dublin Ohio, or anywhere else in Central Ohio, fill in your zip code in the form below to start the process to get a free, in-home estimate. We look forward to working with you.

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