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The Reme Halo Air Purifier: Take Control of Your Home Air Quality

The Reme Halo air purification system is a whole-home solution to improve your air quality. It can help those who suffer from allergies, home odors or mold, and those looking to stop the spread of illness.

The Reme Halo Air Purifier: Take Control of Your Home Air Quality

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Joshua Rodriguez


May 21st, 2020

Do you have allergies or breathing ailments? Does your home have mold or suffer from unexplained odors? Or are you looking to protect your family from airborne illnesses? Many people don't realize that something can be done about these issues.

There are a variety of products available that work in conjunction with most existing HVAC systems. These products purify and sanitize the air you breathe in the home, which can increase both your comfort and health. Knowing this, I have a question for you:

How important is the quality of the air you breathe in your home?

Only you can answer that question for yourself, but this article will provide information to assist in your answer.

Introducing: The Reme Halo Whole-Home Air Purifier

The Reme Halo is a whole-home air purification system developed by RGF Environmental Group, LLC. The system is compatible with a variety of HVAC systems because it uses in-duct purification that leverages your home's existing ductwork.

There are two types of Reme Halo systems, one that uses UV light and another that uses LED light, but the underlying technology that powers their purification process is identical.

This product was invented to purify the air in your home by recreating nature’s air purifying process. It can treat homes or even entire buildings by reducing air pollutants. These pollutants include particulates, microbes, and other gases. Viruses are among these pollutants, which we'll discuss shortly.

By reducing these air pollutants, you're able to accomplish several things:

  • Reduce allergy triggers
  • Remove airborne and surface bacteria
  • Eliminate unwanted odors, such as those from cooking, mold, and pets
  • Remove particulates from sneezes that may settle in the home

In all, it's among the best solutions for whole-home air purification.

What the Reme Halo Removes

Saying that it cleans your air is one thing, but knowing exactly what it can protect you and your family from is what can bring peace of mind.

The system's dual ionizers reduce airborne particulates such as dust, dander, pollen, and mold spores. Its zinc ions also kill 99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses on surfaces. These include the following:

  • MRSA
  • Strep
  • Listeria
  • Norwalk
  • Bird flu
  • Tuberculosis

Another amazing feature of the Reme Halo is that it's able to kill sneeze germs within three feet. Imagine the flu traveling through your family, and how hard it can be to clean surfaces and avoid contact with sneeze particulates. While no air purification system can completely safeguard against these threats, a solution like this for your home will give you a much better chance to avoid sickness.

What are the Other Benefits

One of the best features of this product is that it can easily be installed into your existing air duct system. It takes up no living space.

Additionally, it runs quiet, so it won't disrupt your home activities.

Lastly, it requires no tools to replace the system's cell. The process is completed with an intuitive quick-release feature.

How The Reme Halo Works

The short answer is that the Reme Halo vaporizes hydrogen peroxide into the air stream that's traveling through your home in your ductwork. These molecules kill the bacteria and viruses in the air, and attach to the particulates both in the air and on surfaces. The inert particles are then more easily trapped in your HVAC filtration system. In this way, the air purification leverages your existing HVAC filter to provide even more benefit.

The more technical explanation includes a breakdown of particulate types produced by the system, each of which interacts in different ways with the environment. The Reme Halo creates an oxidation plasma consisting of ionized hydroperoxides, superoxide ions, and hydroxide ions. The oxidants created then destroy the harmful microbes by changing the molecular structure of the pollutant or by cell lysis. These oxidizers are "friendly," which means that they revert to oxygen and hydrogen after the oxidation of the pollutant. No ozone or other harmful element is ever created during the process.

Homes and buildings can be hotbeds of bacteria if they are not properly cleaned and ventilated. Natural ventilation and airflow can help, but this is generally not enough to remove particulates from every area of the house.

The confluence of technologies at work in a Reme Halo system offers complete protection inside your home on both surfaces and in the air you breathe.

Testing the Reme Halo

RGF's environmental purification technology has been licensed by numerous Fortune 500 companies and is in use in 33 countries.

The use of the technology has been included in the Norovirus/MRSA protection plans for many organizations, including hospitals, for whom air purity can often be a matter of life and death. It has also been used by hotel chains, public schools, cruise lines, and restaurants. In all, there are millions of RGF cells in use around the world.

While these numbers alone don't justify its usefulness, the technology has been extensively tested to ensure it works. According to the RGF website, among other results, the technology has been tested and found to kill 99% of H1N1 Swine Flu on surfaces and is approved by the Chinese government for protection against the SARS virus.

Does the Reme Halo Work on COVID-19?

Yes. RGF released a press release detailing their testing on coronavirus. We also wrote a separate article about this specifically. Follow the link below to learn more.

ALSO READ: Reme Halo Air Purifier and COVID-19: Proven Effective Against Coronavirus

When I first wrote this article, testing on COVID-19 hadn't taken place. But in subsequent months, the Reme Halo was shown to be 99.9% effective at neutralizing the coronavirus. This is great news not just for the length of the COVID-19 pandemic, but as we continue to combat airborne viruses in the coming years.

Whole-Home vs. Portable Air Purifiers

In terms of overall quality, there's really no contest here. A whole-home system safeguards throughout your home, while a portable system can, at best, be used for specific instances of odors in a room of your home.

Any portable unit is going to be restricted to the specific room that it's in. While the system will provide some benefit, the true health and wellness benefits to an air purification system come from covering an entire home and being able to remove particulates in any setting.

Portable air purifiers have their place, but they aren't a long-term solution for assured purity of the air your breath.

Is the Reme Halo Right For Me?

For years, I sold these to customers and understood the benefits, but had never experienced them firsthand. Some of my family members suffer from allergies, so eventually I purchased one to help alleviate this affliction.

The results were immediate. Within 24 hours, I could notice a difference in the air, and also noticed that the home wouldn't hold odors like it used to.

Shortly after we purchased the Reme Halo, my 6-year-old burnt a bag of microwavable popcorn. Normally the smell from this would linger for days, but by the next morning, I couldn't detect it at all.

More importantly, I've noticed that colds and flus don't travel as much through our family when one person gets sick.

It was a purchase that significantly improved the living state of me and my family. It may be the right decision for you and yours as well.

Just like any purchasing decision, the decision is yours to make. Your specific situation may differ in ways that make the Reme Halo an even better investment, or it may not be something you need. It's my opinion that numerous homes and businesses will benefit greatly from the addition of this system, and I base that on both personal and professional experience with the product.

Regardless of your decision, a good HVAC company will always offer indoor air quality products to provide solutions to treat your specific ailments. It's in every homeowner's interest to know their options and how they may benefit from them. This is particularly true for people with allergies, breathing issues, or respiratory ailments, as well as homes that suffer from mold or odors. However, it can be for anyone looking to improve their health and the quality of the air they breathe.

If you live in Columbus or its immediate surroundings, contact us at Fire & Ice Heating & Air Conditioning if you would like a Reme Halo added to your indoor air quality package or you have any questions on any other products we offer.

Live in Columbus or its immediate surroundings? Talk with a specialist about adding a Reme Halo to your indoor air quality package.

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