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HVAC Maintenance - The Fire & Ice Experience


It's important to receive regular maintenance on your furnace or air conditioner to get the most out of your HVAC system. In this video, we'll hear from our maintenance coordinator on what you can expect to get the most use and savings out of your heating and cooling system.

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What Happens During HVAC Maintenance and Tune-Ups?

Video Transcription

For me, being the maintenance coordinator, I didn't understand how important getting maintenance for your system was. I mean, the value of what we do, we could be adding years on to that unit.

So, my name is Katie Sharrock. I am the maintenance coordinator here at Fire & Ice. Which basically means I deal with anyone who needs maintenance. You call in, you'll get me. I'll set you up for an appointment. So, when you call in with an issue, if your thermostats out or let's just say it's blowing air, but it's cold instead of hot. To me, it's really important to get you set up for someone to come out for diagnosis. See what's going on. Why that problem is happening and stop it from happening.

So, it's kind of like a tune up for your car. You get your oil change. With your unit itself, it also needs maintenance to expand the lifetime of it, as well as to keep it maximized to the comfort you need in your own home. So, if you're looking to get on a maintenance plan and we've not been there before.

Only thing I need from you is your information. Especially if you're in our area, which is also on the website as well. So you just give me your information, let me know what's going on. What kind of problems you've been having, or if you're just looking for a tune-up, a cleaning. If you are a new customer I just need all that information from you.

And I could break it down. We have three different maintenance plans, each include both visits, furnace and AC. If you call in and we've been there before good news is we've already got your information or when we were there last. So, all we need to do is just find out which plan would fit best for you. The tech will come out. We'll give you a call on the way as well just to make sure you're home. That half hour head's up. He's going to come in. He has all that protective gear needed, you know, and they are all highly trained.

He's going to come in, go straight to the thermostat. Make sure that's working correctly. If it's for the furnace or AC, he's going to go to that unit. He's going to check all those amp draws, make sure that, you know, you're having airflow when he's finished, he'll explain to you everything that he did do. If something is not up to par and he can go over if he can fix it or if you want to wait, there's always options for that.

For maintenance. We recommend in all of our maintenance plans do include the two visits a year, one for your AC, one for your furnace when it comes to pricing for getting maintenance on your system, we do have the basic tune up at $129 now that will be due after completion. And if you want to schedule for both units, that's a $258.

Now, if you're looking to get on a maintenance plan, which is what we do recommend because it is a much deeper cleaning than just that basic. When it comes to pricing, we offer monthly plans our better plan is $29 a month. Our best plan is $42 a month and then our fantastic is $59 a month. And each one of these plans includes both visits, your furnace and your AC.

They each come with no after our fees, discounts and repairs and accessories. As well as it's always good to know that you don't have to worry about it. We'll be reaching out to you to get you on the schedule.

So, if you're ready to take that next step, get on a maintenance plane. If you're looking for maybe just a basic at this point, you can go ahead up on the website and click schedule service.

And if you're unsure if you're in our area, because we are based in Columbus, type in your zip code and it'll show you exactly where and if we can come to you. You want to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That maintenance is the only thing that will guarantee that lifespan of your unit maintenance is honestly way more important than I think a lot of people realize.

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