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8 Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaned

Do your air ducts need cleaning? How can you tell? We have the answers starting right now.

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April 4th, 2023

Do your air ducts need cleaning? How can you tell? We have the answers starting right now.

Hi, I’m Luke from Fire & Ice. As a residential sales professional, I have helped hundreds of Central Ohio homeowners breathe cleaner, healthier air inside their homes. And if you’re watching this video, odds are that the dirtiest place in your house is inside the air ducts. After all, they remain unseen and untouched most of the year. At Fire & Ice we believe in giving our customers as much information as they need. In this video, we’re going to review some telltale signs your ducts need cleaning, and how a professional air-duct cleaning will benefit you and your family.

Your ducts are emitting a strange smell

The first sign of dirty ducts is that they are emitting a strange smell. The ducts emit something like a dusty smell and sometimes it’s more like a burning odor. It will be there all of the time, not just when you turn your furnace on at the beginning of the heating season. The problem is you have an abundance of dust in your ductwork.


Visible mold on your ducts

The second sign is there is visible mold or mildew on your ducts. Microbes can grow on exposed ductwork. A lot of times you can see it through the vents. Some people will notice discoloration around the vents or registers. Even a slight discoloration is a warning sign. This is especially true if you have a wet basement with a lot of humidity. If not dealt with that mold and mildew will wind up in the ducts.


 Furnace filter clogs often

The third sign is your furnace filter clogs often. A normal furnace filter - even a cheap one - is designed to last up to three months before it needs to be replaced. It’s normal for filters to get dirty; that’s their job. When you start to see your filter clog up every three weeks, that’s a huge sign that your ducts need to be cleaned.


Home quickly becomes dusty after it’s cleaned

The fourth sign is your home quickly becomes dusty after it’s cleaned. When people tell me, “I’m dusting so much,” they may not know how much dust collects in the ducts. And all of that dust just circulates throughout their house. 


Reduced airflow

The fifth sign there is reduced airflow. The biggest cause of this would be when the furnace is so clogged that the blower wheel is covered and can’t operate as it should. Sometimes we see the evaporator or condensing coil become so dirty that it ceases to operate.


Hear or see vermin in your ductwork

The sixth sign is you hear or see vermin in your ductwork. We’ve pulled dead mice out of ducts. Mice love warm, dark places. And what better place to hide from the family cat than in a dirty duct?


You had a recent renovation

The seventh sign is if you had a recent renovation. Drywall dust is notorious. Contractors want to work in a warm place, so they will leave the furnace on while they work.  All of that drywall dust has to go somewhere. When it winds up in the ducts, it’s an issue.


You’ve never had them cleaned before

And the final sign you need your ductwork cleaned is if you have never had it cleaned before. People are going to produce dust. Every time you open that door, there’s something that’s coming into your  house. If you’ve never had your air ducts cleaned before, you have no idea what’s in there. Especially if you’ve lived in your home for 20 years or you’ve just moved in. We at Fire & Ice recommend you clean your ducts every two years.


What are the next steps?

I hope by now you have a better understanding of the telltale signs your ducts need cleaning and how a professional air-duct cleaning will benefit you and your family. If you’d like to schedule a duct cleaning for your home, click the schedule service button at the top of the screen. Thank you for watching and we look forward to making your day better.

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