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Trane vs. American Standard: What You Need to Know

Trane vs. American Standard: What You Need to Know
Joshua Rodriguez
Installation Manager

I am the Install manager at Fire & Ice, since 2017. I have spent 28 years in this business and have experienced nearly every aspect of HVAC from Industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. From design, install, service, or sales, if it moves air, I’ve worked on it.

About This Article

Trane and American Standard are both great brands. They have quality, performance, and reliability. Learn their differences and what you need to know when upgrading or repairing your HVAC system.

As a consumer, you’re probably aware of the difference between name brands and store brands when you shop for everyday items. You can find both store owned brands and name brands, also called premium brands, everywhere, from the aisles of the grocery store to household items such as cleaning supplies and clothing.

Sometimes, a brand name equals a higher price tag and also a higher quality product. In other instances, one box of cereal of the store brand versus a package from the name brand tastes identical; the only difference is the price and branding on the box.

This concept doesn’t just impact what jeans you decide to buy or the box of cereal at the grocery store; it’s also a phenomenon in HVAC equipment. Many prominent, more recognizable name brands, like Trane, have a line or set of products made in the same place with the same equipment, targeting a different demographic.

If you’re looking to save on your system upgrade or for parts, a subsidiary brand can be an excellent way to do this without sacrificing quality.

At Fire and Ice,  we are also familiar with all major HVAC brands and are here to help you get the most for your investment. So this is why we will just come right out and say it, American Standard and Trane are essentially the same.

Before we go through American Standard and Trane's differences, let’s go over what American Standard and Trane are as brands separately.

What is American Standard HVAC?

American Standard has been around since the 1880s. It is sold and manufactured by Ingersoll-Rand, who bought the company after it broke up and changed to Trane Inc. in 2007. American Standard was acquired under this deal, as the brand is under Trane as an additional product line. This means Trane and American Standard are produced in the same warehouses under the same conditions and have identical product offerings. They even have a lot of the same part and model numbers.

What is Trane?

Trane is a heating and cooling equipment brand that started as a plumbing business in 1885. By 1916, the company was out of the plumbing business and focused on heating and cooling.

However, we will review some more specific differences between the two brands.

What is the Difference Between American Standard and Trane?

American Standard and Trane are the same for all events and purposes except for a few minor details such as:

  • American Standard outdoor units have a different model number than Trane
  • Paint finishes on the units are different
  • American Standard outdoor units do not come with a weather guard top standard but can be ordered
  • Different branding

As you can see, there are very few differences between the two brands from a user perspective. Now, we will go over what you need to know about the brands from a consumer perspective.

If I Have a Trane System, Can I Still Get it Serviced by Fire & Ice?

In short, yes. American Standard and Trane branded parts are identical in part numbers and manufacturing. Therefore, from a servicing perspective, the parts are interchangeable, and Trane brand loyal consumers have nothing to worry about.

With all that being said, if Trane and American Standard are the same, why aren’t they promoted in the same way through advertising?

Why isn’t American Standard Promoted as Heavily in the Central Ohio Area?

In the Central Ohio market, Trane has more brand recognition and is more heavily promoted by dealers and contractors. This is why you will see ads featuring the Trane logo and slogan and not American Standard, simply because of consumer brand recognition in the area.

At Fire and Ice, we also tell our customers that the quality of manufacturing and equipment is one thing and certainly can impact an installation, but it is usually secondary. The more considerable impact is the installation and quality of the labor you select from the company or contractor.

We know that as a consumer, you may still be hesitant to select American Standard products or parts when a repair or replacement comes up for your HVAC system because of unfamiliarity with the brand. We understand that, but you really should not be.

How Do I Know I’m Still Getting a Quality Product if I Choose American Standard Over Trane?

As stated above, there is no demonstrable difference in the quality between the two brands. They are both manufactured in the same place in the same way.  

As stated above, there is no demonstrable difference in the quality between the two brands. They are both manufactured in the same place in the same way. The procedures and processes to create them are precisely the same.

Outside of manufacturing quality, there are other factors to consider.

Labor Impact vs. Manufacturing on your System’s Quality

Labor and installation quality can have a huge impact on the longevity of your system. Sometimes, a quality installation can make a cheaper part work for longer than it should, in theory, while a sloppy installation with the best parts won’t get the system longevity you demand.

At Fire & Ice, we have $2 Million in Liability Insurance, even though the state of Ohio requires less than that on all labor and installation.

We also go the distance to ensure we offer the best service to customers and their needs are met by following up.

24/7/365 Assistance

Our staff is always ready to assist you with your HVAC needs. In addition, we have around-the-clock staff prepared to address your questions or problems.

Final Quality Inspection (FQI)

A week or two after installation, a Fire & Ice representative will return to your home to ensure everything is functioning correctly, to make sure you understand your thermostat and comfort options, and to inspect the quality of the installation. If anything is amiss, it is reported to our training and management staff and is used to inform changes to our installation practices and training.

We’re proud to be the only contractor in the area who will return for this visit to look you in the eye to make sure you’re satisfied with the job that was done.

Support for the Long Haul

We schedule follow-up communications for two weeks, 90 days, six months, and one year after installation to ensure you’re satisfied with your system. Additionally, with affordable, proactive maintenance plans, our company is designed to support your HVAC investment for years to come.

Largest Training Facility in Central Ohio

The Fire & Ice training facility is the largest in the area. Our installers and technicians get hundreds of hours of training annually.

Training facilities are a rarity for HVAC companies, let alone one that allows for training on every significant type of equipment we install and service. The difference in institutional knowledge can and does make a difference.

57-Point Commissioning

On every installation we do, we perform a thorough commissioning that tracks 57 different variables. This ensures optimal equipment performance and sets benchmarks for future service technician visits.

Commissioning is not always performed industry-wide or not as thoroughly. There’s a chance that your installation is just as good without testing it this way, but there's no way to know for sure unless it’s commissioned.

Commissioning can take up to an hour of extra time. Rather than racing to the next job, we do it every time to ensure our work is up to the standards you deserve.

Digital Gauges

Digital testing gauges provide more accurate readings than traditional analog gauges. Every bit counts regarding the comfort of your home and the number of your utility bills. Even a tiny discrepancy between your system’s and ideal levels can affect these items.

Nitrogen Brazing

We braze refrigerant lines with nitrogen, which prevents oxidation of the line. This proactively protects against long-term damage that can be caused due to oxidation.

This oft-skipped step in an A/C installation can be the difference between 15-20 years of smooth operation or a shortened lifespan with preventable mechanical issues costing you comfort and money.

Live Custom Load Calculation

It’s a common misconception that all you need is the square footage of a home to properly size an HVAC system. Of course, that’s dangerously untrue, but the myth exists because many contractors cut corners and only use the square footage.

We use Manual J Load Calculation specifications created and approved by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and recommended by the Department of Energy.

We also inspect ductwork at no charge to verify that it is designed for proper airflow. To ignore this is to stifle the efficiency of many modern systems.

N.A.T.E. Certified, Dedicated Installation Teams

With numerous installation teams, we can provide expertise to every home we visit. N.A.T.E. certification is regarded as the industry standard for excellence in training, and we pride ourselves on being a N.A.T.E. certified contractor.

Next Steps to Ensuring Your Furnace and Air Conditioner’s Longevity

At Fire and Ice, we understand that brand knowledge, as well as knowledge of subsidiary brands, can be confusing to homeowners. It can be even more complicated when you’re looking to save money on your HVAC system.

If you have any additional questions or concerns that are not answered in this article, feel free to call us. Additionally, if you live in the Columbus, OH, area and are looking to take the next step and want to see if you are in our service area, use the zip code map below.

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