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Are you looking for an air conditioner that can boost your comfort, reduce your energy bills, and fall within most medium-sized budgets? If the answer is yes, let me introduce you to the Trane XL18i air conditioner. In this video we’ll go over its features, explore the costs and see who will benefit most from this system.

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Luke with Fire & Ice. We have helped thousands of Central Ohio homeowners find the best HVAC system that meets their individual needs. When considering air conditioners, we are often asked if there is a model that will help reduce their energy bills in the summer, make them more comfortable, and not cost them an arm and a leg. The answer time and time again is the Trane XL18i. In this video we’ll go over the most common questions regarding this system and cover:

  • What are the features of the Trane XL18i?
  • What is the XL18i’s efficiency rating?
  • Who’s the right fit for this air conditioner?
  • How much does the XL18i cost?
  • And finally, what is the next step in the process?

By the end of this video, you’ll know if the Trane XL18i air conditioner is right for you.


What are the features of the Trane XL18I?

Let’s get going and look at the features of the Trane XL18i. First off, is its two-stage compressor. This means that when the XL18i first comes on it starts in its lower stage using around 70% of its total capacity. When demand for more cooling is needed, the XL18i will then go into its second stage and use 100% of its capacity. A two-stage air conditioner will also run quieter compared to other single-stage systems because it's often running in its lower-stage. This allows your air conditioner to condition the air longer for more consistent cooling and dehumidification. It also helps save on energy by not running at 100% capacity every time it’s on. The compressor also comes with a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Lastly, is the XL18i’s deluxe design and WeatherGuard Top. Trane goes to great lengths to design their equipment to keep the elements and debris out and continue to perform when it's needed most. Each piece of equipment is rigorously tested again and again to ensure that it will continue to work regardless of the conditions outside.

What is the efficiency rating of the Trane XL18I?

The Trane XL18i has a SEER rating of up to 18. SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is the industry standard of measuring how much energy an air conditioner uses to cool your home during the average cooling season. Simply, put the higher the rating the more efficient your air conditioner is resulting in more energy savings. For comparison, most air conditioners on the market today are rated between 13 and 22 SEER making the Trane XL18i a high-efficiency air conditioner.

Who is Trane XL18I a good fit for?

The Trane XL18i is a good fit for homeowners who plan to stay in their home for the next 5 years or more and are looking for an air conditioner that can increase their comfort, be efficient, and is more affordable than higher-end models. Thanks to its two-stage compressor, the XL18i is able to address inconsistent temperatures and hot spots between rooms, as well as help reduce indoor humidity levels in your home. It’s also efficient and can help reduce your energy bills during the cooling season. It’s been shown that homeowners who have switched from an older, 10 SEER or lower air conditioner to the XL18i have saved an estimated 56% in their energy costs during a cooling season.


Now, I will say that the XL18i is on the larger side and is nearly 5 feet tall after it’s installed. If your current air conditioner is located near a window, the XL18i could obstruct your view. Discuss your options with your HVAC partner if you are considering this air conditioner. Additionally, if you plan on moving out of your house in the next five years, your current single-stage air conditioner is meeting your needs, or you’re simply not looking to spend a lot on a new air conditioner, then XL18i might be more system than you need.


How much does Trane XL18I cost?

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for. The Trane XL18i air conditioner costs between $7,000 and $9,500. For comparison, installing a new air conditioner generally costs between $4,000 and $12,500. At Fire & Ice, all of our estimates include the cost of equipment, labor, and any additional fees.


There are a number of factors that go into the cost of a new air conditioner installation such as the size of your home, filters and other indoor air quality products, and any modifications that are needed to be made during installation. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to HVAC systems.


 Let’s talk about what to do next. If you think the Trane XL18i air conditioner is right for you click the “get a quote button” to receive a free estimate for installation. Thank you for watching and we look forward to making your day even better.

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