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Trane's Relentless Testing

Trane demonstrates their unstoppable nature and helps consumers understand what makes Trane’s products one of the most reliable brands in the category.

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June 6th, 2018

Narrator: At Trane, we're committed to building reliable products unlike anything you've ever imagined. And with our Hyperion air handler, that tradition continues. It starts with our innovative cabinet design. Unlike conventional air handlers, the Hyperion cabinet is engineered so that no loose insulation fibers enter the air your family breathes. Our fully enclosed insulation provides enhanced quality and durability while you enjoy cleaner indoor air. The Hyperion also offers our revolutionary all aluminum coil that remains resilient for years, an electronic expansion valve that's 400% more reliable than a standard expansion valve, and the quiet comfort of the exclusive vortica blower. From the expert engineers who designed your Hyperion, to the knowledgeable dealer who installs it, you'll know that Trane is dedicated to quality and comfort every step of the way.

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