Will A New Furnace Save Me Money?

Will A New Furnace Save Me Money?

Will A New Furnace Save Me Money?

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Will a new furnace save you money? The first question you must ask yourself is: “how long do I plan on living in my current home?”

The first question you must ask yourself when even considering investing in a new furnace is “how long do I plan on living in my current home?”. For this particular article, we will focus on the natural gas/propane furnace. Your heating and cooling system is one of the largest investments you will ever make in your home. It is also one of the most important to get right.

  • Considering that a new gas furnace can use up to 60% less gas and 1/10th of the electric that your current furnace may use, you can see how much money that can be saved.
  • In a typical Columbus, Ohio home, if you were to add up all of your gas and electric bills for the year, you would find that your heating and cooling system uses approximately 58% of that annual usage.
  • If you could lower half of your annual gas bill by 60%, or your annual electric bill by 60-90%, would you not think that was a good thing?
  • That is an average home. The average home has a furnace and air conditioner in it that is between the ages of 15-18 years.

Not only does a heating and cooling system dictate how much you spend monthly on bills, but it also is directly related to your health. An old furnace can be extremely dangerous when it starts rusting out. The very air you and your family breathe can be compromised due to many age or maintenance related items that can present themselves on an older furnace.

How long will you be staying in your current home? Do you want to save money now? Or later? If you are not staying long, will you have to replace before you move? If so, wouldn’t you like to get some savings out of it first? Then show the new potential homeowners the lower bills, thus raising the value of the home? Regardless of whether you invest in a new furnace with fire & ice or with someone else when the system reached 15 years, please consider the savings and the health implications of keeping your old system around. Then decide to do something about it. Due to great technological upgrades in efficiency in the past 15 years, everything is more efficient now than it was just 4-5 years ago. If you choose us, we will be ready.

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