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Airex Mfg.'s Line Set Protection

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Details on Airex Mfg. Line Set Protection

  • The Airex Line Set Protection System is the solution to protect your home and your HVAC system investment. And the best part? The Airex system is included in every new installation done by Fire & Ice!
  • Now, Airex has introduced a retrofit model that enables Fire & Ice to offer our customers to install this important line set protection on existing systems!
  • Fire & Ice is the only Airex Certified installer in Central Ohio if your home needs line set protection.
  • Old- or decaying- line set insulation causes your system to work harder and decreases energy efficiency by up to 30%. And unprotected wall penetrations can let rodents, insects, water, and unhealthy air into your home. Using the Airex Line Set Protection protects your line set and seals the entry to your home (from your outdoor unit), protecting your family, your home, and your investment.
  • Airex uses an air-tight wall-mounted piping outlet and protective jacketing that wraps around the existing line set to/from your outdoor unit to provide the necessary level of protection to help your system run efficiently for its lifespan.

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The AIREX PRO-SYSTEM KIT™ is a 2-in-1 system used to gasket seal HVACR piping penetrating through exterior walls from air leakage and to protect pipe insulation from outdoor weather and physical damage.

The AIREX TITAN OUTLET™ mechanically fastens to exterior vertical wall surfaces while its elastomeric sleeve secures and isolates HVACR piping for mechanical vibration.

The AIREX E-FLEX GUARD™ protective jacket mechanically connects to the TITAN OUTLET’s wall sleeve with a stainless-steel clamp, supplying a complete pipe protection system to achieve optimal HVACR performance and long-term durability.

Utilize the AIREX PRO-SYSTEM KIT™ to aesthetically meet mandatory building requirements and energy efficiency standards.

  • 2-in-1 kit includes all you need to achieve a mechanical wall seal and superior outdoor insulation protection
  • Improves HVACR equipment performance by protecting from weather and physical damage, providing sustainable energy savings.
  • Creates the highest quality positive gasket seal, protecting from the weather, eliminating rodent and pest intrusion, ending wall air leakage, reducing moisture damage to walls, increasing overall energy efficiency, and improving indoor air quality.
  • With a sleek architectural finish, it improves the aesthetics of HVACR, plumbing, conduit, and other outdoor piping penetrations.
  • Long-lasting with 10-year warranty,
  • Parts are removable & reusable
  • Meets mandatory building, energy, residential, mechanical, and green codes
  • Allows moisture to escape while being waterproof on the outside, keeping the insulation intact and preventing corrosion.
  • Rodent proof
  • Controls damaging pipe vibration
  • Works with both central and ductless installations
  • Made in the USA

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