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Trane's S8X2 Furnace

Explore the Trane S8X2 Furnace

Explore and learn about the Trane S8X2 furnace product features and details.

We service all brands, and we currently install Carrier, Rheem, and Mitsubishi HVAC systems and equipment.

Quick Overview

Details on the Trane S8X2 Furnace

The Trane S8X2 furnace can help boost your comfort during the winter. The S8X2's two-stage heating helps keep temperatures even throughout your home all winter long. And with Trane's patented blower motor design, the S8X2 can deliver efficient airflow year-round. If winter brings issues with hot and cold spots and uneven temperatures between floors, the Trane S8X2 furnace may be able to help. The Trane S8X2 furnace typically costs between $3,000 - $4,800, including labor and permit fees. To learn more, check out our review of the Trane S8X2 furnace.


S8X2 Furnace Highlights

  • Two heating stages provide more temperature control in winter
  • Efficient blower motor can boost air conditioner performance
  • Only 34 inches tall

Comparing the Trane S8X2 Furnace

See how the Trane S8X2 Furnace stacks up to other comparable units.

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Product XV80 XB80 S8X2 S8X1 S8B1
Brand Trane Trane Trane Trane Trane
Comfort Rating
Efficiency (AFUE)
Blower Motor Variable Multi-Speed ECM Multi-Speed ECM Multi-Speed ECM Multi-Speed
Gas Valve 2 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 1 Stage 1 Stage
Humidity Control Yes No No No No
Sound Insulated Yes No Yes Yes No
Cabinet Air Leakage < 2% > 2% < 1% < 1% > 2%
Communicating No No No No No
Outside Two-Stage
Unit Compatible
Yes No Yes Yes Yes

Trane S8X2 Furnace Features

Details on the Trane S8X2 Furnace

Direct Vent

100% fresh air option reduces heat exchanger corrosion and ensures adequate combustion air.

Multi-Port In-Shot Burners

Perfectly shape the flame cone for the maximum heat possible while using less fuel.

Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Igniter

Highly reliable ignition system provides longer service life.

Simplified Three-Wire Connection

Allows for easy installation and is less invasive to the structure of your home.

Automotive-Grade Gaskets And Insulated Blower Compartment

Help reduce operating sound and air infiltration.

Heavy Steel Insulated Cabinet

Insulated panels hold more heat in the furnace, ensure greater durability and reduce operating sound.

Primary Heat Exchanger

Crimped, not welded, to prevent cracks from heat stress. Stamped serpentine channel offers the greatest efficiency in less space.

Secondary Heat Exchanger

Made of AL29-4C stainless steel to capture more of the heat you pay for.

Variable-Speed Draft Inducer

Works with modulating gas valve to enhance efficiency, comfort and reliability.

Learning Center

Explore our learning center. It's a comprehensive section focused on answering your questions, providing detailed information, and tips that will improve buyer education when it comes to your home's HVAC system.

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