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Trane TAM9 Air Handler
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Details on the Trane TAM9 Air Handler

The all-aluminum coil found in this new line of air handlers is exponentially more durable than standard copper coils, which are susceptible to formicary corrosion. This ensures families stay comfortable indoors all year long, no matter what the weather outside. With its revolutionary insulated cabinet and design, the extraordinary Trane Hyperion™ air handler represents a substantial advance in air handling technology and home air quality. More details on TAM9 are Variable speed motor provides reliable, energy efficient power, refrigerator-styled insulation made without exposed fibrous material, virtually eliminates sweating, condensation and airborne particles for a safer home environment, and 14 industry-exclusive patents. All-aluminum coil that’s more durable than standard copper.


TAM9 Air Handler Highlights

  • Trane's Hyperion Air Handler
  • Variable speed motor
  • Communicating technology

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