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Trane TEM4 Air Handler
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The all-aluminum coil found in the M Series residential air handlers is exponentially more durable than standard copper coils, which are susceptible to formicary corrosion. These all-aluminum coils ensure families stay comfortable indoors all year long, no matter what the weather outside. The M Series air handlers combine affordability and flexibility to work with the complete range of Trane heating and cooling products. So you get the reliability of Trane and the options to work within your specific system and budget. More details for TEM6 are Features an all-aluminum coil that’s more durable than standard copper, TEM6 model features a variable speed motor and Comfort-R technology for more efficient home comfort, and rigorously tested parts and components that are made to last.


TEM4 Air Handler Highlights

  • Trane's Legacy Air Handler
  • Multi speed ECM motor
  • Energy efficient
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