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Aprilaire 600 Whole Home Humidifier Product Review

Are you looking for an affordable and easy way to control your home's humidity? If so, look no further! The Aprilaire 600 Whole-Home Humidifier is one of the best humidifiers in the HVAC industry; keep reading to learn more!

Aprilaire 600 Whole Home Humidifier Product Review

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Matt Reed


Matt Reed


August 8th, 2023


*If you are interested in getting $75 off an Aprilaire 600 Whole-Home Humidifier, mention the deal at the time of your purchase/installation*

Owning a home comes with several benefits, such as having your own space to decorate, unwind, and call home. When homeowners hear the word “humidifier,” they typically think of a portable humidifier that rests on your bedside table when you’re sick; however, did you know you can get a humidifier that will increase the humidity throughout your home via your HVAC system?

Yes, you read that right! A whole-home humidifier is an indoor air quality add-on product that’s directly installed to/on your HVAC system (typically on the supply or return). Unlike a portable humidifier, it has a special water line connecting directly to a water line above your water heater.

Aprilaire has been a big name in making homes comfortable since 1954. They're experts in ensuring the air you breathe is good for you, your home, and your loved ones. These humidifiers are a one-stop solution for providing your home with cleaner and healthier air.

In this article, we will focus on a specific type of whole-home humidifier; the Aprilaire 600. You will learn why this humidifier is a good investment, what it can do, how it compares to other whole home humidifiers, any issues it might have, and how much it costs.

Let’s dive in!

What Are the Benefits of Investing in the Aprilaire 600 Whole-Home Humidifier?

There are several benefits when investing in a whole-home humidifier, including better health, increased humidity control, reduced static electricity, savings on your monthly energy bills, and your home's comfort.

Better Health

When moisture is added to your home, it collects bacteria/viruses and prevents impurities from entering your airways/lungs. Which, in turn, protects you, your home, and your loved ones.

A silhouette of a man and a woman holding a child's hand in a heart

Not to mention, in Ohio, our summers are hot and humid, and the winters are cold and dry. Investing in a whole-home humidifier can decrease nose bleeds and cure the dry skin most Ohioans experience every winter.

Increased Humidity Control

A humidifier will help give homeowners more control over their home's humidity. The sweet spot for a humidity level within a residential home is between 30%- 60%. Ensuring your home is at the recommended humidity levels can help with static electricity, keep your pets comfortable, and prevent your hardwood floors from warping.

A close up of a cracked wooden floor

Below is a graph that shows what impurities lurk in your home's air when you have too much or too little relative humidity control.

A graph showing the different types of indoor air pollutants and humidity

A healthy home has a humidity level between 30 and 60 percent. If a home has humidity that's too high or too low, it can cause problems for homeowners. For example, when the humidity is too low, dust mites, viruses, and other harmful particles can move around in the air.

These particles can get into your lungs and even lead to respiratory infections. So, maintaining the right humidity level in your home is important to keep the air clean and prevent these issues.

Energy Savings

The monthly energy savings are another great perk of investing in the Aprilaire Model 600 Humidifier. Did you know that when there is more moisture in the air, it holds heat more effectively? So, if you usually set your thermostat to 72 or 73 degrees during winter and invest in a humidifier, you could lower the thermostat a few degrees and feel just as cozy. This way, you can stay comfortable while using less energy.

On top of that, a higher indoor relative humidity level will allow the heat to absorb into your skin, causing less irritation and supplying your home with humidified air via your residential forced air furnace system.

How Does an Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifier Work?

At Fire & Ice, we sell three different types of Aprilaire Humidifiers, including the Aprilaire 600 Whole Home Humidifier, the Aprilaire 700 Whole Home Humidifier, and the Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier.

This article focuses on the 600 whole-house humidifier, but it's important to compare all three. This way, homeowners can make the best-informed decision for themselves, their home, and their loved ones.

Aprilaire 600 Whole Home Humidifier

A picture of the Aprilaire 600 Whole-Home Humidifier

This HVAC accessory is our most popular indoor air quality product and has been installed in about 95% of all whole-home humidifier installations. It's an automatic humidifier assisted by the furnace blower motor and attaches directly to the trunk of your HVAC system (either on the supply or the return). It is also connected to your residential water heater, thus letting homeowners set their preferred humidity level and let the humidifier do the rest of the work.

Just remember, this system can add up to 17 gallons of water to the air daily, which requires a special pipe called a bypass to work right, so this humidifier will need extra space to attach to your HVAC system.

As water flows through the humidifier, it talks to your smart thermostat or outdoor sensor to calculate the right amount of moisture and disperses it throughout your home. This HVAC attachment is simple to use and has a knob to control how much water it adds.

 With this model, you can pick from six different levels, like setting the volume on a radio. This helps you get the comfort and humidity you want, even if you don't know all the science behind it. As a general rule of thumb, the best setting is usually between 3 and 4.

Aprilaire 700 Whole Home Humidifier

A picture of the Aprilaire 700 Whole Home Humidifier

When picking which Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifier to install, you can choose the 700 model. But remember, the 600 model we discussed earlier works great for almost any home (less than 4,000 SQFT). However, the main difference between the 600 and 700 is that the 700 doesn't need a bypass system.

Our HVAC experts usually suggest the 700 model when there's not enough space to add the bypass to your current heating and cooling setup.

Another notable difference between the 600 and 700 is that the 700 whole home humidifier has its own far, meaning it doesn't need to rely on your heating and cooling system to spread the moisture throughout your home. Besides these points, the 600 and 700 models are pretty much alike.

Aprilaire 800 Whole-Home Steam Humidifier

A picture of the Aprilaire 800 Whole-Home Steam Humidifier

The biggest differences between the 600 and 700 models compared to the Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier are its design, the amount of steam/water vapor it disperses per day, how it’s installed, and that it must be connected to an electrical panel.

Because the 800 requires a direct connection to an electrical panel, it generates more steam and can be used at different amperages. Put comfort specialists typically recommend this humidifier when someone has a bigger home (ex. a 4,000+ square foot home). In this instance, the 600 or 700 will not effectively disperse humidified air throughout your home.

Also, as mentioned earlier, if you have valuables made of wood, such as your flooring, a piano, a pool table, or other precious valuables, the Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier will provide enough humidity to keep your home within the 30%- 60% range and keep your prized possessions in pristine condition.

Why Should I Invest in a Humidifier I Only Use Half the Year?

While this question is valid, homeowners also invest in an HVAC system (ex: air conditioner/furnace) that will also get used half of the year, if that. However, it all comes down to how much you're willing to spend on your overall comfort.

Keep in mind that in the summer, your residential air conditioner is a natural dehumidifier, so whether you think about it or not, your AC is already assisting with your home's humidity. Whereas in the winter, your furnace is not a natural humidifier.

So, unless you invest in a whole home humidifier, like the Aprilaire 600, 700, or 800 models, you won't be solving the issues that come with dry air, such as nosebleeds, static electricity, or even how warm your home feels. Remember, the more moisture in the air, the better your home holds onto heat.

Also, if you're wondering whether getting a whole home humidifier is a smart choice, think of it like this: When it comes to indoor air quality and air purifiers, it's one of the best things you can invest in for your HVAC system. So you’ll easily get your return on your investment in the long run.

Are There Any Potential Problems With This Humidifier?

Like anything good, there might be some potential issues to consider when it comes to the Aprilaire 600 whole house humidifier, and we want you to have all the information before investing in a whole-home humidifier.

Installation Concerns

While this question is valid, to be completely candid, homeowners also invest in an HVAC system (ex: air conditioner/furnace) that only gets used half of the year, if that. However, it all comes down to how much you're willing to spend on your overall comfort.

Increased Water Bill

Another common concern is about the water bill, especially since it can use up to 17 gallons of water per day. You might wonder if having the Aprilaire 600 Whole Home Humidifier will increase your water bill; the short answer is yes. But to put that in perspective: it's roughly the same as taking an extra shower.

Stacks of coins next to a wooden house

Plus, once the indoor relative humidity reaches between 30%- 60%, the humidifier will work to maintain that humidity level. And will only release the moisture it needs to maintain proper indoor humidity.

Closing the Damper in the Summer

When you're not using the humidifier, it's important to close the damper. You can think of it like shutting a door. Keep in mind that if you don't close this damper, it won't break your HVAC system, but it can make your air conditioner work harder to produce cool air and increase your monthly energy bills.

Over Humidity

It may sound surprising, but you can have too much humidity in your home's air. Over humidity occurs when the humidifier isn't set to "automatic control mode." This calculates the right humidity for your home based on the outside temperature and current indoor humidity levels.

Another way this can happen is if you set something called a humidistat too high. Think of it like adjusting a volume control. The best settings for the Aprilaire Whole Home Humidifier are between 3 and 4. If there's too much humidity in your home, it can make your windows sweat, like how a drinking glass gets sweaty on a hot day.

How Much Does the Aprilaire 600 Whole-Home Humidifier Cost?

Now, if you're considering whether getting a whole home humidifier is a good idea, money is often a big thing to consider. That said, we believe that this HVAC accessory is worth the money. It gives you the comfort and health benefits you need to stay comfortable at an affordable price.

But here's the deal: If you're installing a whole new system, like a furnace and air conditioner or heat pump, it'll cost around $700*. If your HVAC system is doing fine and you want better control over your home's relative humidity, buying the Aprilaire 600 al carte will cost about $1,200*.

*These prices are subject to change; to get the most current prices directly, contact Fire & Ice today at (614) 304-3574*

What Happens If I Move? Can I Take My Humidifier With Me?

YES, you can take your indoor air quality investment with you if/when you move to a new home and attach it to your new HVAC system.

A whole-home humidifier is considered to be an “add-on accessory,” meaning you can “add on” or “take off” without damaging your HVAC system. Just remember to contact a professional to properly remove and seal any holes it may have left behind.

Purchasing an Aprilaire 600 Humidifier in Columbus, Ohio

As you can see, investing in an Aprilaire 600 Whole Home humidifier has several benefits. It will keep your home at optimal humidity levels. Which will keep you, your home, and your loved ones healthy, especially through the cold and dry winters

If you need HVAC installation, repair, maintenance, or indoor air quality solutions, you've come to the right place. At Fire & Ice, we service all makes and models of home comfort systems.

If you ever need help with your HVAC system – like installing, fixing, or maintaining it – Fire & Ice is here for you. We're the HVAC experts of home comfort systems for nearly 20 years throughout central Ohio. So, join us in helping you get the comfort you deserve with a new Aprilaire 600 Whole-Home Humidifier.

What About a Whole Home Dehumidifier

Do you have the opposite problem and have too much moisture in your home's air? If that's the case, check out our other articles and videos about Aprilaire Whole-Home Dehumidifiers below:

Are you ready to start your whole home humidifier journey with Fire & Ice? If so, enter your zip code below or schedule an estimate/service with one of our knowledgeable and friendly comfort sales associates.

*If you are interested in getting $75 off an Aprilaire 600 Whole-Home Humidifier, mention the deal at the time of your purchase/installation*

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