How an Air Conditioner Works

Learn How Your Air Conditioner Works

An interactive and animated guide on how an air conditioner works within your home.

1. Cooling The Refrigerant

The coils in the air conditioner have a liquid refrigerant inside them- and this liquid is what makes the whole system work! An expansion valve inside the system controls the flow of the refrigerant, and by decreasing the pressure, converts the liquid into a gas.

2. Cooling Your House

While a gas, the refrigerant makes the coils extremely cold. A fan blows the air across the coils, cooling the air down. This is the air that is sent around the house, cooling it down!

3. Compressing The Refrigerant

Once the refrigerant has been used to cool down the air, it is sent through a compressor, turning it back into a liquid. This is what allows the cycle.

4. Removal of the Heat

The compressor creates some heat inside the system, and that is sent out by the fan on top of the air conditioner.

Moisture in your home is taken into the Air Conditioner and then expelled through the condenser unit. The compressor changes the refrigerant back into a liquid.
The refrigerant lines run from the air conditioner’s condenser to the evaporator coil, located above the furnace. These lines carry the moisture and freshly cooled refrigerant.
The refrigerant flows through the coils, and as it gets warmer, it changes into a gas. The gas then makes its way to the air conditioner to be expelled outside. This process removes the warm air from your home.

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