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Trane XV18 Heat Pump Review: An Intuitive, Efficient Heat Pump

Trane XV18 Heat Pump Review: An Intuitive, Efficient Heat Pump
Bryan Carnahan
Residential Sales Professional

I am a Residential Sales Professional for Fire & Ice. I meet with hundreds of homeowners a year to assist them in their HVAC comfort needs.

About This Article

Intuitive. Efficient. Comfortable. The Trane XV18 heat pump provides intuitive heating and cooling that can lower energy costs and boost comfort year-round.

If you’re looking for a heat pump that’s efficient, intuitive and comfortable, let me introduce you to Trane’s XV18 heat pump.

Homeowners here in Central Ohio appreciate the Trane XV18 because it can reduce their electricity bills and boost comfort year-round. But homeowners in other climates can benefit from the XV18 as well.

The Trane XV18 may not be the right choice for everyone, though. That’s where this article comes in.

At Fire & Ice, we’ve helped thousands of Central Ohio residents find the best HVAC equipment for them. To help you figure out if the XV18 is the right heat pump for you – no matter where you live – we’ll cover the features, benefits and costs of the Trane XV18 heat pump. We’ll also go over who can (and who may not) benefit the most from the XV18.

Overview of the Trane XV18 Heat Pump

The Trane XV18 heat pump is an intuitive, efficient heat pump that takes your comfort seriously. The XV18 can be outside of some budgets. But the XV18 can also help compensate for ductwork issues that can cost thousands of dollars to address.

Trane designed the XV18 heat pump to:

  • Precisely maintain your ideal temperature year-round
  • Reduce humidity during the summer
  • “Learn” your heating and cooling preferences
  • Operate quietly and efficiently

Features of the Trane XV18 Heat Pump

The Trane XV18 is a high-efficiency, variable-speed, communicating heat pump.

If you’re not familiar with HVAC, that may sound like a bunch of gibberish. But don’t worry. We’ll break each of these down in this section.

The core features of the Trane XV18 heat pump include:

  • Variable-speed compressor
  • Sophisticated communicating technology
  • Compressor sound insulators

The Trane XV18 heat pump.

Variable-Speed Compressor

In general, the compressor controls your heat pump’s heating and cooling output.

Compressors can have one of three output settings, also known as stages:

  1. Single-stage
  2. Two-stage
  3. Variable-speed

These output settings affect how your heat pump maintains the temperature of your home. This also contributes to your comfort.

Heat pumps with single-stage compressors have one output: 100% capacity. In other words, single-stage heat pumps are either off or running at full blast.

Two-stage compressors have two output settings: 100% capacity and a second setting that’s usually around 70% capacity. This allows two-stage heat pumps to run at a lower capacity on milder days, which can help reduce energy costs.

Variable-speed compressors can have hundreds of stages.

The Trane XV18 heat pump has 750 stages. This allows the XV18’s output to range between 25% and 100% capacity. This means that the Trane XV18 heat pump can precisely maintain your temperature setting within half of a degree.

With that kind of precision, the XV18 can address humidity issues, hot and cold spots, and uneven temperatures between floors.

Its variable-speed compressor also allows the Trane XV18 heat pump to heat your home when outside temperatures dip below freezing. The average heat pump can provide heat until outside temperatures sink below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. But the Trane XV18 can continue heating even as outside temperatures approach 17 degrees.

This is important because once outside temperatures reach this threshold, your air handler or furnace takes over for your heat pump. If you have an all-electric system or a propane furnace, this can cause a spike in your energy bills, especially if it’s a long, cold winter.

But because the XV18 can continue to provide heat at freezing temperatures, you won’t have to rely on these more expensive heating methods as much during the winter. So if you have high energy bills during the winter, the Trane XV18 heat pump may be able to help.

Comparing the Trane XV18 Heat Pump

See how the Trane XV18 Heat Pump stacks up to other comparable units.

Product 25VNA0 MUZ-FH XV18 25VNA8 XL18i
Brand Carrier Mitsubishi Trane Carrier Trane
Efficiency (SEER) 20.5 up to 33.1 up to 18 18 up to 18
Sound Insulated Yes   Yes Yes No
Communicating Yes No Yes Yes No

Communicating Technology

The Trane XV18 heat pump uses sophisticated technology to tailor your HVAC system to you.

There are countless devices on the market today that can almost make a smart home like the one in The Jetsons a reality. And while The Jetsons never focused on what HVAC would look like in a smart home, Trane did.

Trane is a pioneer in communicating technology for HVAC equipment. And the Trane XV18’s communicating technology helps it “learn” about and adapt to your preferences.

In non-communicating HVAC systems, a thermostat signals your heat pump to turn on and off. But when paired with a communicating thermostat, the XV18 can also send signals back to the thermostat. This helps the thermostat monitor your system’s performance much more closely.

You can also add room sensors to a communicating system, which further helps the Trane XV18 evenly heat and cool your home.

Compressor Sound Insulators

The XV18 is one of three Trane heat pump models that has compressor sound insulators. (The other models are the Trane XV20i heat pump and the Trane XV19 heat pump.)

Trane’s compressor sound insulators help cut down on your heat pump’s operating sound. Thanks to this feature, the Trane XV18 can operate as quietly as 54 decibels. That’s almost as quiet as the average library, which stays around 40 decibels.

This also makes the Trane XV18 one of the quietest heat pumps available today.

How Efficient Is the Trane XV18 Heat Pump?

The XV18 heat pump has two efficiency ratings: one for heating and one for cooling. The Trane XV18 can get up to 18 SEER and 10 HSPF.

The Trane XV18 heat pump was also recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2019.

But what does all of that mean for you?

In general, when we talk about the efficiency of HVAC equipment, we’re talking about how much fuel or energy a system needs to heat or cool your home.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings score how much energy heat pumps and air conditioners use to cool your home. Most heat pumps on the market today are rated 14-22 SEER.

Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) ratings describe how much energy a heat pump uses to heat your home. Most heat pumps are rated between 7.7-10 HSPF. But the most efficient heat pumps can get up to 13 HSPF.

With ratings of 18 SEER and 10 HSPF, the XV18 is a high-efficiency heat pump.

If you have an all-electric system, an efficient heat pump like the XV18 could drastically reduce your energy costs. According to Trane, the XV18 heat pump can save you up to 56% on electricity costs if your current system is rated 10 SEER or below.

You could also have a dual fuel system. Dual fuel systems can pair a heat pump like the XV18 with equipment that uses another type of fuel, like a natural gas or propane furnace.

Although natural gas can be a cost-effective way to heat your home during winter, the cost of propane can fluctuate. With its variable-speed compressor and efficient heating, the Trane XV18 heat pump can save you money on propane.

If you’d like to dive a little deeper into SEER and HSPF ratings, check out this article that covers everything you need to know about HVAC efficiency ratings. Or check out the video below to learn about HSPF and the video above to learn about SEER.

What Equipment Can I Pair with the Trane XV18 Heat Pump?

The Trane XV18 heat pump works best when paired with a communicating, variable-speed air handler or furnace.

If you have an all-electric system, you could pair the XV18 with the Trane Hyperion TEM8 air handler or the Trane Hyperion TAM9 air handler.

If you have a dual fuel system, you could pair the XV18 with the Trane XC80 furnace or the Trane XC95m furnace.

The Trane S9V2 furnace can also be a more economical pairing. But your HVAC partner must fit the S9V2 with a relay panel, which ensures it’s compatible with the rest of your communicating system.

How Much Does the Trane XV18 Heat Pump Cost?

The Trane XV18 heat pump typically costs between $9,000 - $12,000, including labor and permit fees.

For context, a new heat pump replacement can cost between $4,900 - $12,500, including labor and permit fees. (This doesn’t account for the cost of a new air handler or furnace.)

If you have an all-electric system, you’ll also need a replacement air handler, which can add between $3,500 - $6,000.

When looking at the general price range for a new heat pump, several factors can determine the price. But when we look at the price range for a particular heat pump model, there’s one primary factor: size.

In this case, the size of your heat pump refers to its power. But this isn’t another option. Your heat pump must be the right size to heat and cool your home.

Your HVAC partner should perform a load calculation before recommending any specific models.

A load calculation accounts for factors that could prevent your heat pump from adequately heating and cooling your home.

Load calculations consider a range of factors, including:

  • The total square footage of your home
  • The size and condition of your windows and doors
  • The directions your windows face

These are just a few factors, however. To learn more, check out this article that breaks down load calculations and how they help you get the most out of your HVAC system.

Who’s a Good Fit for the Trane XV18 Heat Pump?

The Trane XV18 heat pump can be a great fit if you plan to stay in your home long-term and want to stay comfortable.

The Trane XV18 can help you address issues with humidity, uneven temperatures, hot and cold spots, and high energy bills.

If you have issues with your ductwork, the Trane XV18 can also be a short-term, economical solution, especially if modifying or completely redesigning your ductwork isn’t an option for you right now.

Improperly sized or leaky ductwork can make it more difficult for your heat pump to adequately heat and cool your home. And modifying or fixing your ductwork can cost thousands of dollars. The Trane XV18’s communicating technology and variable-speed heating and cooling can address comfort issues created by inadequate ductwork.

Just to be clear: the XV18 isn’t a solution to end all ductwork issues. You’ll likely need to modify your ductwork in the future, even with the XV18. But the XV18 can help compensate for some of the issues inadequate ductwork creates.

Even if you don’t have issues with ductwork, the XV18 can help tailor your HVAC system to your preferences.

However, the Trane XV18 heat pump may not be the best choice for you if:

  • You don’t plan to stay in your home long-term. If you don’t plan to stay in your current home for the next decade, you may not see a significant return on your investment. In many cases, a better HVAC system won’t improve the value of your home.
  • You’re operating on a tight budget. The Trane XV18 heat pump isn’t the most sophisticated model on the market, but it may also be outside of many budgets.
  • You don’t have many comfort concerns with your current system. The Trane XV18 heat pump was designed to address comfort concerns so homeowners can be more comfortable at home. If you don’t have any comfort concerns, you may not notice a significant difference. Ask your HVAC partner how the Trane XV18 can affect your home.

Choosing the Right Heat Pump for You

If you’ve made it this far, we hope you love the Trane XV18 heat pump as much as we do. (Find technical specifications on the Trane XV18 here.) But if you aren’t sure or want to explore your options, we have your back.

At Fire & Ice, we take the time to learn about your comfort concerns and perform load calculations. When we understand your and your home’s needs, we can recommend a range of equipment that can address these needs.

If you’d like to learn more about the Trane XV18 or explore other options, we’d love to help!

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