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Fire & Ice HVAC Solutions: Payment & Financing Options

Fire & Ice HVAC Solutions: Payment & Financing Options

Fire & Ice is a top-rated HVAC company in the Columbus area that focuses on providing top-notch quality in all aspects of your heating and air conditioning equipment in your home.

About This Article

Are you preparing to purchase new HVAC equipment? Let’s break down the payment and financing options that Fire & Ice offers. We’ll also discuss tax credits and rebates, home warranties and insurance, and industry best practices.

Whether you’re replacing an old system or researching your options, chances are that you don’t really want to pay for a new HVAC system.

HVAC systems aren’t cheap. And even though some HVAC equipment can last 20 years or more, you have to negotiate payment or financing every time you replace it.

As an HVAC contractor with decades of industry experience, we’ve helped thousands of Columbus residents find HVAC systems that meet their needs and budget.

We believe in transparency in every aspect of our business, so we created this guide to help you understand our financing and payment options.

A quick note: This article focuses on specific payment options available at Fire & Ice. If you’re interested in personalizing your HVAC system with Fire & Ice, please read on. If you’re still researching HVAC contractors and equipment, we have other articles that can help:

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3 Ways to Purchase Your Fire & Ice HVAC Solution

At Fire & Ice, we offer multiple payment and financing options to fit your needs.

In this section, we’ll break down our three primary payment and financing options, including:

1. Purchase Your Fire & Ice HVAC Solution in Full

2. Financing for Fire & Ice HVAC Solutions

3. Purchase Your Fire & Ice HVAC Solution with Bitcoin

Purchase Your Fire & Ice HVAC Solution in Full

If you’re ready to pay for your new HVAC system in full, we accept a few payment options:

·   Cash

·   Check, including ACH digital checks

·   All major credit and debit cards

·   Microf

Financing for Fire & Ice HVAC Solutions

Sometimes it isn’t possible to pay for your system in full. If paying in installments better suits your budget, we offer a few financing options.

Some of our financing options include:

·   0% interest for up to 72 months on qualifying equipment

·   No interest if paid in full within 6 and up to 18 months

·   Lower monthly payments with interest

How to Apply for Financing for a Fire & Ice HVAC Solution

Once you’re ready to apply for financing, access our financing page any time and submit your application to see if you pre-qualify.

If possible, we recommend pre-qualifying ahead of your free in-home estimate. It’s a win-win—you’ll have a better idea of how much you’ll be able to finance, we’ll have a more productive conversation during your estimate, and we’ll be able to expedite the process.

But don’t worry: even if you pre-qualify, you’re not obligated to purchase a system from Fire & Ice. And our residential sales representatives will never pressure you.

If you’re not approved for one of our standard financing options, ask one of our residential sales specialists about our additional financing options.

What Information Will You Need to Apply for Financing?

During the application process you will need to provide some basic information such as:

·   how long have you lived in your current home

·   how long have you worked at your current job

·   your household income

·   personal information like your social security number or individual taxpayer identification number

·   an email address

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Give our office a call, or send us a message on our website.

Purchase Your Fire & Ice HVAC Solution with Bitcoin

You read that right—Fire & Ice is one of the only HVAC contractors that accepts Bitcoin!

Although it may sound a bit gimmicky, we believe in meeting our customers where they are now and where they’ll be in the future. And as cryptocurrency portfolios rival or surpass traditional savings and investments in some cases, we’re advising other contractors do the same.

To pay for your new HVAC system with Bitcoin, you’ll first need to download the BitPay mobile app. You can learn more about paying for your system with Bitcoin in our Bitcoin FAQ.

What Do Home Warranties & Insurance Cover for Your New HVAC System?

Both home warranties and home insurance policies can cover portions of a repair or replacement for your HVAC system. However, it’s usually not an easy process.

Although there are typically other conditions, the final amount you receive typically depends on the diagnosis of the problem. Once your HVAC contract provides an estimate for the repair or replacement, the decision is up to your insurance company.

Ultimately, your insurance company determines the amount you receive. In many cases, the amount may not cover the total cost of the repair or replacement. Some homeowners don’t qualify for claim payouts.

If you do receive a payout, your home insurance or warranty may only cover the cost of the equipment. In that situation, you’d be responsible for the cost of labor and permits.

Before moving forward with the repair or replacement, make sure that your HVAC contractor includes an estimate for any potential hidden costs.

Does Your System Qualify for Tax Credits or Rebates?

The short answer: If your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump is a high-efficiency model, your system may qualify for a tax credit and/or rebate.

The Energy Star program, established by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1992, helps dictate whether HVAC equipment is high efficiency. Energy Star also helps determine efficiency requirements for tax credits.

According to Energy Star, equipment must meet or exceed the following standards to be eligible for tax credits:

·   Air conditioners—16 SEER

·   Gas furnaces—95 AFUE

·   Heat pumps—15 SEER and 8.5 HSPF

If these acronyms seem like alphabet soup, don’t worry. You can learn more about efficiency ratings in our article on SEER, AFUE and HSPF.

In addition to these tax credits, your natural gas provider may also offer rebates for furnaces that meet their efficiency requirements. For example, if you live in Columbus, Ohio, visit Colombia Gas of Ohio’s appliance rebate page to learn more.

Tax credits and rebates can fluctuate throughout the year. Even if your system meets the guidelines above, there’s no guarantee that tax credits or rebates will be available. We recommend doing your research to ensure you access any available tax credits and rebates.

To check for current rebates and tax credits—no matter where you live—visit Energy Star’s Rebate Finder. We also suggest talking with your tax professional or certified public accountant (CPA) to find all eligible tax rebates that apply to you.

Does Fire & Ice Offer Discounts?

Fire & Ice consistently offers several discounts and other incentives, including:

·   Military and veteran discount

·   3% off when you pay in full by cash or check

·   Upgraded Aprilaire Media Filters for full-system installation

We also offer seasonal promotions and deals. Visit our promotions page to check out the latest offers.

Contact your residential sales professional for more information on the terms and conditions for these discounts and incentives.

The Fire & Ice Difference

We’re often the first to admit it—Fire & Ice isn’t the cheapest contractor in the Columbus, Ohio, area. But that’s often because we don’t believe in cutting corners.

When an HVAC contractor offers a discount on HVAC equipment, that money comes from somewhere. Unfortunately, after speaking with new customers over the decades, we’ve learned installation quality is usually the first to suffer.

At Fire & Ice, we believe in doing the job right the first time. Your HVAC system is a long-term investment in your home and your comfort. And you deserve to get the most out of your HVAC system, no matter its price tag.

Below are a few ways we make sure you get the most out of your system.

Advanced Tools & Techniques

HVAC installation demands skilled installers armed with industry best practices and proper tools and techniques.

At Fire & Ice, we require our installers to have the right tools for the job based on the latest industry standards. Although this may seem like common sense, this isn’t something that all HVAC contractors do.

Hourly Employees

Correctly installing your system relies on your HVAC installers. While the proper tools and techniques can enable installers to do the job right, other factors can also affect your system’s installation.

One factor can be how your HVAC contractor pays its installers. In the HVAC industry, contractors typically pay their installers either by the hour or the job. Installers paid by the job are incentivized to finish quickly, which often shows in the quality of their work.

Fire & Ice installers are paid hourly, which helps ensure that they follow industry best practices without cutting corners.

Going the Extra Mile

Even after your HVAC system is fully installed, we stay in touch. We know getting used to a new system can take some time.

A week or two after installation, a Fire & Ice representative will conduct a Final Quality Inspection, or FQI. During the FQI, our representative will test that your equipment is still running properly and give you time to ask any questions.

Throughout the first year after installation, a representative will also schedule follow-up communications to ensure that you’re satisfied with your new equipment. And beyond that, we’ll stand by our workmanship for your equipment’s lifetime.

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Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

HVAC equipment, like air conditioners and furnaces, can last 15 to 20 years. And even if you don’t plan to stay in your current home long-term, your HVAC system can affect your home’s value.

The first step to getting the best bang for your buck is to choose an HVAC contractor that does right by their customer. This will show up in the installation of your system, your conversations with representatives, and even your system’s longer-term performance.

At Fire & Ice, our business is built on honesty, integrity and hard work. We’re excited to bring your personalized HVAC system to life.

If you’re still researching HVAC contractors, check out our complete buyer’s guide to HVAC financing.

If you’re ready to finance your personalized Fire & Ice HVAC solution, visit our financing page to complete your application and see if you pre-qualify.

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