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Rheem Air Conditioner Review (RA15AZ)

The Rheem Endeavor (RA15AZ) Air Conditioner offers homeowners comfort features and compatibility with other HVAC equipment. This is a single-stage unit with a SEER2 of up to 15.2 and an EER2 of up to 9.8. This system helps homeowners have optimal comfort and become more energy efficient.

Rheem Air Conditioner Review (RA15AZ)

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Roger Bakies


November 16th, 2023

To most homeowners, having heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Our customers work hard to keep their homes at their optimal comfort level, and we intend to keep it that way. Investing in a reliable system is one of the best ways to help your HVAC system keep up with your temperature demands.

The Rheem Manufacturing Company has several heating and cooling systems to accommodate any budget. However, for the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on the Rheem Endeavor RA15AZ Air Conditioner. This HVAC system has many features and benefits, making it a perfect match for many homeowners.

Throughout this article, we will cover several aspects of the Rheem Endeavor RA145AZ Air Conditioner, such as:

  • Elevate Your Living Space with A Rheem Air Conditioner
  • HVAC Features of the Rheem Air Conditioner (RA15AZ)
  • What Is Compatible With a Rheem HVAC System?
  • What Type of Homeowner Is Perfect for the Rheem Endeavor RA15AZ?
  • What Type of Homeowner Is Not Perfect for the Rheem Endeavor RA15AZ?
  • How Much Do Rheem Air Conditioners Cost?
  • Find Your Ultimate Comfort with Fire and Ice HVAC
  • Now that we’ve gotten the formalities out of the way, let’s get started!

Elevate Your Living Space with A Rheem Air Conditioner

Having an HVAC system that you can rely on, especially in the Midwest, is crucial. Specifically in Ohio, where we have all four seasons. This unit has various benefits, and we'll cover the ones we find most important. This includes peace of mind performance, energy savings, and decreasing a homeowner's overall environmental impact.

What Is the Warranty on a Rheem Air Conditioner?

When you purchase a Rheem Air Conditioner, you're investing in the system as well as the brand. Many people know Rheem because of their 10-year conditional parts warranty. However, you must register your unit within 90 days of installation to have warranty coverage.

To register your new HVAC system, visit the Rheem Product Warranty Page. Rheem will provide a replacement for any part of this unit that fails from normal wear and tear, use, and service of the unit. Keep in mind that the warranty only covers failures that occur within the allotted timeframe. 

Energy Savings

When buying a new HVAC system, it’s a good idea to understand the HVAC terms related to a unit's energy efficiency. Below are definitions of common HVAC terms:

  • SEER2: Seasonal Efficiency Ratio
  • EER2: Energy Efficiency Ratio   
  • HSPF2: Heating Seasonal Performance Factor
    (We won’t be using HSPF2 in this article, but it’s always good to know what new HVAC terms mean.)

A person holding a tablet with a picture of a homes energy efficiency

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Most HVAC professionals compare a unit's seer rating to a car's miles per gallon (MPG). While you can't “test drive” your new HVAC system, you can know what to look for. This unit offers homeowners high energy efficiency. In fact, this unit has an impressive SEER2 of up to 15.2 and an EER2 of up to 9.8.

Decreased Environmental Impact

This Rheem air conditioner model has a slightly smaller condenser coil and follows the refrigerant requirements set by the state. By having a 7mm condenser coil, it reduces the refrigerant needed to operate the system by 15%. This can reduce your home's greenhouse gases and make a big difference for the environment.

In fact, Rheem dedicates itself to environmental improvement. They have set an impressive objective to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint by 50% by 2025. With these advancements and enhancements to their products, they are making significant progress towards achieving their goal. 

HVAC Features of the Rheem Air Conditioner (RA15AZ)

Along with the several benefits of the Rheem RA15AZ Endeavor air conditioning system, it also has various features. Rheem designs each feature within the RA15AZ for maximum efficiency and user comfort. These features include precise comfort, durable curb appeal, quieter operation, and several PlusOnes.

Precise Comfort

This unit is an inverter-driven variable speed HVAC system equipped with twin rotary compressor technology. This technology allows for a cooling capacity between 40%-70%. This air conditioner model can increase its cooling efficiency up to 100% when needed. Thus, providing exact temperature match, advanced humidity control, and long lasting energy efficient comfort.

Durable Curb Appeal

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The Rheem RA15AZ A/C features curved louvered panels and a rugged corner post. On top of that, this unit also has several aesthetically pleasing features, including a corrosion-resistant composite base pan and a powder paint coat. These aesthetics help provide this unit with excellent protection for its internal and external components. Not to mention, it’s Homeowners Association (HOA) compliant.

Quiet Operation

Did you know that up to 90% of residential HVAC systems are improperly sized? At Fire & Ice, we follow all sizing rules and procedures set by government officials and the Rheem Manufacturing Company. This includes performing a Manual J Load Calculation and commissioning your new HVAC equipment.

When you invest in a Rheem air conditioner, you can be sure your AC will be the quietest on the block. Its swept wing fan technology and refrigerant tubing design help improve the overall acoustics of this unit. Not to mention, this system has a sound rating of 60 decibels, which is comparable to having a normal conversation.

A diagram of the decibel scale

Rheem’s Patented PlusOne’s

These features are unique and proprietary to Rheem, and they guarantee customers are getting the most bang for their buck. Rheem is an HVAC company with almost 100 years of experience, and they are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality heating and cooling systems. Plusone's ensure that they evaluate all details (inside and outside) for your safety and operation... plusone.

  • PlusOne Diagnostics & Bluetooth Connectivity
    The latest Rheem products have improved connectivity, making connecting with a Rheem Contractor and EcoNet apps easier. It also has built-in technology that simplifies the unit's setup, monitoring, troubleshooting, and even repair.
  • PlusOne Expanded Valve Space
    This unit has three valve space sizes: 3-inch, 4-inch, and 5-inch, which provides enough room for technicians to work on your HVAC system. This means that your system will receive the necessary diagnostics and maintenance it needs to run smoothly.
  • PlusOne Triple Service Access
    This opening is around 15 inches, and the design includes two fasteners, removable corners, and curved louver panels. Each of these features makes it easier to reach the components our technicians need for maintenance or repair. 
  • PlusOne Variable Speed Twin Rotary Compressor & Inverter Drive:
    With this feature, you can control the speed of your air conditioning system. It can run at different speeds, from 40% to 70% of its total capacity.

The Rheem EcoNet Thermostat

The EcoNet lets you control multiple home comfort systems on one device, which makes it a convenient choice for any home. Not to mention, it has a sleek design that complements any décor by adding style and functionality to your space. This smart thermostat has several benefits, including but not limited to the following:

Air Filter Monitoring
Regularly changing the air filter is a simple way to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. With EcoNet's reminder feature, you won't forget this important maintenance task. By regularly changing your HVAC filter, you can improve system efficiency, keep your home comfortable, and maintain clean and healthy air.

This feature lets your HVAC system switch between heating and cooling modes to ensure your home stays at the ideal temperature. This allows your HVAC system to automatically switch to the heating/cooling mode that will optimize your unit's overall efficiency. By doing so, this unit will reach all your comfort expectations.

Integrated Air & Water
If you own a Rheem HVAC system and water heater, the EcoNet smart thermostat can control both. This can be helpful, especially if you want to simplify your home automation setup and reduce the number of devices you need to manage.

Additional Benefits
This smart thermostat has Wi-Fi and a 4.3-inch screen, and it's compatible with Alexa. Additionally, you can program it on a seven-day schedule, and it has a motion sensor. The device also offers five modes: heat, cool, auto, emergency heat, and fan-only.

What Is Compatible With a Rheem HVAC System?

In addition to the various benefits and features, this unit is also compatible with several HVAC accessories and equipment. This allows homeowners to customize their HVAC system according to their needs and preferences while maintaining energy efficiency. You can pair the Rheem RA15AZ with the following:

What Type of Homeowner Is Perfect for the Rheem Endeavor RA15AZ?

While every homeowner deserves efficient home comfort, there are some homeowners that would be a good fit for this unit and others that wouldn’t. The perfect resident for this home comfort system is someone who values the environment and wants to reduce their carbon footprint. In doing so, homeowners will save on monthly utility bills and decrease their greenhouse gas emissions. 

Another homeowner who would benefit from this system is someone planning to stay in their home for the next 10-12+ years. It's important to remember that the upfront cost may be higher, but you will quickly see the benefits of your investment. On top of that, this unit has optimal reliability; it’s energy-efficient and easy to operate.

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What Type of Homeowner Is Not Perfect for the Rheem Endeavor RA15AZ?

On the other hand, there are certain instances when our residential comfort specialist wouldn't recommend this unit, such as:

  • Someone in a rental home
  • If you rent out your home on Airbnb (and other sites)
  • Someone who is planning to move within the next 3 to 5 years
  • If you're looking to increase the value of your home

Nevertheless, these are just our suggestions, and it's important to keep your preferences in mind. Remember, what feels comfortable for you, your home, and your family may be different from others. So, when investing in a new whole home comfort system, it's best to base your decision on your preferences and comfort level.

How Much Do Rheem Air Conditioners Cost?

  • Brand: Rheem Manufacturing Company
  • Price: $6,200-$9,700
  • Cooling Efficiency: Up To 15.2 SEER2/ 9.8 EER2
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Compressor Type: Variable Speed
  • Sound Performance: As Low as 60 Decibels
  • EcoNet Enabled: Yes
  • Energy Star Rated: No
  • Limited Warranties: 10 Year Conditional Parts (Product Registration Required)

Find Your Ultimate Comfort with Fire and Ice HVAC

Whew! That was a lot of information to digest in a single sitting. However, if this HVAC system seems like the perfect fit for you, your home, and your loved ones, you can trust Fire & Ice to give you the best HVAC buying experience.

At Fire & Ice, we don’t believe in high pressure sales. We want to help homeowners determine the most efficient home comfort system that fits your needs and your budget. Therefore, we’re not going to upsell you to make a quick buck. Remember, your trust IS our business.  

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