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Carrier Infinity (25VNA4) Heat Pump Review

The Carrier Infinity (25VNA5) Heat Pump offers homeowners the latest technology for overall comfort. This system is also compatible with other HVAC equipment, such as indoor air quality products. This variable-speed HVAC system boasts an impressive SEER2 of up to 22, an EER2 rating of up to 14, and an HSPF2 rating of 10.5.

Carrier Infinity (25VNA4) Heat Pump Review

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Matt Reed


Matt Reed


November 1st, 2023

The goal of any residential heating and cooling system should be to provide your home with optimal comfort. In 1915, when Willis Carrier founded the HVAC company Carrier, he had that original concept and ran with it. After many iterations and tiny adjustments made to the 25VAN4, it's now Carrier's most efficient heat pump.

When you purchase a Carrier heat pump, you're not only buying an HVAC system, but you’re also buying the brand. Carrier is well-known for their durability and reliability when it comes to the overall performance of Carrier infinity systems.

While there are several types of heat pumps, certain technological advancements have made the Carrier Infinity 24 heat pump stand out. This includes variable speed technology, incredible energy efficiency, and advanced humidity and temperature control.

In this article, we will cover several aspects of this HVAC system, such as:

  • What is a Heat Pump?
  • The Perks of Investing in the Carrier Infinity 24 Heat Pump
  • What Sets Carrier Heat Pumps Apart: Key Features Explained
  • Why Every Homeowner Should Consider Investing in a Carrier Heat Pump
  • Carrier Infinity's Match Made in Heaven
  • System Specifications for the Carrier Infinity 25VNA4 Heat Pump
  • Investing in a Carrier Heat Pump from Fire & Ice

What is a Heat Pump?

Before we dive too deep into the specifics of this HVAC system, it's important to know what a heat pump is. In its simplest terms, heat pumps work by using electricity to heat and cool your home. Through this process, a heat pump can switch between two modes: heating or cooling. In addition, they also have three energy efficiency ratings:

  • SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating)
  • EER2 (Energy Efficiency Rating)
  • HSPF2 (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor)

Heat pump systems are outdoor units that have an air handler indoors. An air handler does exactly what the name implies; it “handles” the air and distributes it throughout your home. In the summer, this HVAC system works as an air conditioner, whereas in the winter, it works as an electric furnace to generate heat to keep your home at your optimal comfort level.

During winter, the air handler warms the air with heat strips, while in summer, it cools your home using a fan. Many HVAC professionals compare heat strips to the inner workings of a toaster. Additionally, this type of system can provide homeowners with an energy-efficient solution by only using electricity. Thus, leading to more energy savings and a smaller carbon footprint.

The Perks of Investing in the Carrier Infinity 24 Heat Pump

As Carrier's most efficient heat pump, this HVAC system has several bells and whistles. Each of these would make any type of homeowner happy with their investment in the Carrier Infinity Series. However, in this section, we will only be focusing on its increased energy efficiency, environmental factors, and limited warranty.

Increased Energy Efficiency

This Carrier Infinity series model has an HSPF2 rating of up to 10.5, an EER2 of up to 14, and a SEER2 rating of up to 22. When choosing a new HVAC system, homeowners should always ask about the unit's SEER2 rating. In the HVAC industry, we like to compare a unit's SEER2 rating to a car's MPH (miles per hour).

A bar chart showing the number of SEER savings for cooling your home

Environmental Factors

Another great perk about investing in a Carrier Infinity Heat Pump is its overall commitment to our environment. In fact, Carrier was the first in the industry to offer Puron Refrigerant. This type of refrigerant doesn't hurt our ozone layer and is safer to use.

For over a century, Carrier has been committed to producing energy-saving technology that improves the overall well-being of residential homeowners. Not to mention, this system is also Energy Star Certified.

Limited Warranty

Carriers Infinity series has one of the best-limited warranties on standard systems in the current HVAC market. In fact, the Carrier provides a 10-year parts-limited replacement warranty on compressor failures only. To keep this warranty intact, you must be the original owner of the HVAC system, and it needs registration. However, you must register your new Carrier comfort system within 90 days of installation.

Nevertheless, if you don't register your equipment within the allotted period, don't worry. As a purchaser of a new HVAC system, you will still have a 5-year limited warranty on compressor failures.

What Sets Carrier Heat Pumps Apart: Key Features Explained

The Carrier Infinity 25VNA4 Heat Pump also has many attractive features, making it a great choice for homeowners. Some of these features include Carrier's commitment to innovation, humidity control, sound performance, and the overall durability of the unit. Each feature of this unit makes it one of the best bangs for your buck when buying a residential HVAC system.


This HVAC system has an inverter-driven compressor, more commonly known as variable speed. Just like the name indicates, a variable-speed compressor has various settings. In fact, this unique variable speed compressor has adaptable speed technology with infinite adjustments. This feature allows this unit to work at steadier lower capacities.

A diagram of how inverter technology works

In addition, this HVAC system has Carrier's patented Greenspeed Intelligence. An HVAC system with Greenspeed technology allows the unit to make subtle changes in speed as the seasons change. Thus, giving homeowners tighter temperature control while saving time, energy, and, most importantly, money.

Humidity Control

If your home has a lot of humidity problems, Infinity heat pumps could be the whole-home solution you're looking for. This Carrier product gives homeowners excellent humidity control within their residential homes. On top of that, Infinity heat pumps can remove up to 400% more humidity. Thus, delivering the ideal comfort level for any homeowner.

Quiet Operation

A properly installed Carrier Infinity heat pump works hard to heat and cool your home without virtually any noise. This system's low sound performance makes this product perfect for homeowners whose HVAC system is close to any windows/doors.

With this in mind, Carrier designed the Silencer System II. This equipment reduces airflow and vibrations in every model of Infinity heat pumps, resulting in a quieter heating and cooling experience. In fact, you can compare the noise level of the Carrier Infinity 24 heat pump to rainfall, which is around 51 dB. This low sound performance makes this unit one of the quietest variable-speed HVAC systems in the current HVAC market.

A diagram of the decibel scale


Not only is this unit reliable, it's also durable. This unit has a galvanized steel cabinet with a louvered coil guard and baked-on powder paint. The chemical makeup of this powder paint provides optimal protection against dents, dings, scratches, and any outdoor weather elements.

Why Every Homeowner Should Consider Purchasing a Carrier Heat Pump

Every homeowner deserves optimal comfort, but investing in a new HVAC system is a considerable investment. In fact, people often compare investing in a new HVAC system to buying a car. However, this argument has one flaw: you can't "test drive" an HVAC system before installation. Nevertheless, upgrading your residential HVAC system to a more modern one has its benefits.

This product has high energy saving greenspeed technology, it operates quietly, it provides better humidity control, and it has a durable curb appeal. These features are particularly useful for homeowners dealing with neighborhood HOAs (Homeowners Association).

A wooden block that says HOA surrounded by small houses

Furthermore, if you are in your forever home, this unit is great to purchase. Especially with proper maintenance, this system should last until your kids go to college. Thus, homeowners will save money on their monthly utilities, which helps them get an ROI (return on investment).

That said, if you own an Airbnb or any other type of rental property, you may not get your ROI. Therefore, it's worth mentioning that you can invest in a simpler HVAC system. This includes the Carrier Performance 25SPA5 Heat Pump or the Carrier Comfort 25SCA5 Heat Pump.

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The Carrier Infinity: A Match Made in Heaven

This heating and cooling system has several products you can combine with it, making it a match made in heaven. Some combinations include Carrier products and HVAC add-ons, like air quality products, smart thermostats, and other HVAC units.

What is a Dual Fuel HVAC System?

A dual-fuel HVAC system has two energy sources, typically gas furnaces and heat pumps. Dual fuel technology works by combining the heating aspects of a heat pump (ex: heat strips) with a gas furnace. Providing consistent indoor warmth for homeowners regardless of the weather outside.

System Specifications for the Carrier Infinity 25VNA4 Heat Pump

  • Price: $16,500-$20,000
  • SEER2: Up to 22
  • EER2: Up to 14
  • HSPF2: Up to 10.5
  • Energy Savings: Premium
  • Humidity Control: Excellent
  • Energy Star Certified: Yes
  • Comfort Features: Premium
  • Compressor Type: Variable Speed
  • Sound Performance: Extremely Quiet (51 dB)
  • Warranty: 10-year parts-limited replacement

Investing in a Carrier Heat Pump from Fire & Ice

The Carrier Infinity 24 is a top-of-the-line heat pump with great efficiency, comfort features, and humidity control, all packaged in an attractive design. That said, this system is worth considering if you want an energy-saving and trustworthy solution for your HVAC equipment.

Remember that this system may not be in every homeowner's budget. That said, the best HVAC system is the one that keeps you, your home, and your loved ones safe and comfortable.

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