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Rheem Endeavor (RA14AZ) Air Conditioner Product Review

The Rheem Endeavor (RA14AZ) Air Conditioner offers homeowners cutting-edge comfort features and compatibility with other HVAC equipment. This is a single-stage unit with a SEER2 of up to 15.2. Its SEER2 helps homeowners become more energy efficient without compromising comfort. Keep reading to learn more!

Rheem Endeavor (RA14AZ) Air Conditioner Product Review

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Matt Reed


Matt Reed


October 26th, 2023

With one of the world’s hottest summers on record, your central air conditioner has a lot of work to do. To keep up with your comfort demands, you'll need an HVAC system that's reliable and energy-efficient at an affordable price. The Rheem Manufacturing Company understands this, which is why they designed the Rheem Endeavor RA14AZ central air conditioner.

This unit offers premium performance with efficient cooling of up to 16 SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and 12 EER2 (Energy Efficiency Ratio). Not to mention, it's also Energy Star certified. It features a small condenser coil and curved louver panels. On top of that, it can be matched with all tiers of gas furnaces.

In this article, we're going to cover several features and functions of this unit, such as:

  • Maximizing Comfort with the Rheem Endeavor Air Conditioning Unit
  • All About the Rheem Endeavor: Air Conditioner Features Explained
  • Choosing the Perfect Fit: The Rheem Endeavor (RA14AZ) Air Conditioner
  • Discover the Perfect Match: Rheem Endeavor (RA14AZ) Air Conditioner and Equipment Pairing
  • Technical Specifications of the RA14AZ
  • Stay Cool with the Rheem Endeavor (RA14AZ) Air Conditioner from Fire & Ice

Let's determine if the Rheem Endeavor RA14AZ is right for you, your home, and your loved ones.

Maximizing Comfort with the Rheem Endeavor Air Conditioning Unit

To get the comfort you deserve, you should consider the benefits that come with a new HVAC system. This unit is very efficient, better for the environment, quieter, and has a 10-Year Warranty.

Energy Efficiency

This Rheem air conditioner offers homeowners a cooling efficiency of up to 16 SEER2. When determining if a system has good energy efficiency, always look at its SEER ratings. Many people compare an HVAC system's SEER2 to a car's miles per gallon.

Image Source: Canva

Also, more energy-efficient air conditioning systems will help save money on energy bills. Thus, you'll have energy savings without compromising your comfort.

Decreased Environmental Impact

This model has a smaller condenser coil. This decreases the refrigerant requirements to operate by 15%. With a smaller refrigerant requirement, it lowers the amount of greenhouse gases. Making this entry-level HVAC system a win for you and the environment.

Furthermore, Rheem has a commitment to improving the environment. In fact, they have a sustainability goal for a 50% decrease in their greenhouse gas footprint by 2025. And with these benefits and improvements to their products, they are well on their way.

Quiet Operation

Your home's air conditioner should not make much noise. To ensure quiet operation, it has different parts, including sound-dampening features like:

  • Small refrigerant tubing design
  • Fan blade approach
  • Composite base pan
  • An innovative compressor and drive technology

This Rheem AC has a low noise level and reliable performance. Both provide optimal comfort for those who value peace of mind. With a noise rating between 65 and 70 decibels, which is comparable to the sound of a lawn mower or a washing machine.

Limited Warranty

Another benefit that comes with buying a new air conditioner from Rheem’s endeavor line is its 10-Year Conditional Parts Warranty. However, you must complete product registration for this warranty to cover conditional parts.

You can register your new investment by visiting the Rheem Product Warranty Page. Keep in mind that you must register your product within 90 days of installation.

All About the Rheem Endeavor: Air Conditioner Features Explained

The RA14AZ air conditioner models have features that save time, energy, and money. These features include a single-stage compressor, durable curb appeal, and Rheem's patented PlusOnes.

Single Stage Compressor

A unit with this type of compressor only runs with one cooling setting, which is either on or off. While some homeowners may see this as a downside, it's not. In fact, a single-stage compressor has several benefits.

For example, single-stage HVAC units are reliable and efficient cooling systems that offer optimal home comfort. With their excellent performance and reliability, these units ensure dependable comfort.

Providing comfort should be the ultimate goal of any heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business. Watch the video to learn more about a single-stage compressor and other types of HVAC systems.

Owning an older and inefficient single-stage unit can result in significant cost savings. So, you should look over your current system and its SEER2 rating before making a final decision. A good system is one that will increase the system's energy efficiency while saving money.

Durable Curb Appeal

Rheem designed this unit with home aesthetics and HOAs (Homeowners Association) in mind. A notable feature of this unit is its modern cabinet aesthetic and its overall design. Its modern cabinet design includes several features, such as

●     Corrosion-resistant composite base pan

●     Powdered paint coat

●     Curved louvered panels

●     Rigid corners that provide protection against outdoor elements


When you invest in a Rheem air conditioner, you are not only buying into the unit; you're buying into the brand. To help Rheem stay relevant and a step above other competitors, such as American Standard and Trane, they invented their "PlusOne's."

A diagram showing the plus ones for Rheem products

These PlusOnes are standard with all models. However, they change depending on the heating and cooling system you buy. For example, this unit has two PlusOne's including:

PlusOne Expanded Valve Space: The Rheem service valve comes in sizes of 3, 4, and 5 inches. Which offers technicians easy installation, with a working space of up to 27 square inches for easier access.

PlusOne Triple Service Access: The Rheem RA14AZ air conditioner has triple service access that is 15 inches wide. It also features two fasteners and a removable corner. This aspect makes the internal components easier to reach. Thus, it has never been easier for HVAC professionals to maintain HVAC equipment. 

Choosing the Perfect Fit: The Rheem Endeavor (RA14AZ) Air Conditioner

Every homeowner deserves optimal comfort. While every homeowner would benefit from an updated air conditioner, this system isn't for every home. Let's discover if this Rheem Endeavor air conditioner model is right for you.

The Perfect Fit

A homeowner that this unit would be perfect is someone who is looking for a system with high efficiency ratings. With a SEER2 of 16, this system has one of the best single-stage SEER2 ratings in the current HVAC market. Remember, the higher the SEER2, the more energy efficiency you'll get from the unit.

Two hands holding two pieces of a puzzleImage Source: Chan2545

In addition, this air conditioner is perfect for homeowners who don't suffer from hot and cold spots throughout their homes. This unit has an affordable price tag for anyone who wants basic heating and cooling. It's also great for simple layout homes, such as ranches.

An Imperfect Fit

While this Rheem unit boasts a high efficiency rating, it's not the perfect fit for all situations or homeowners. In fact, if you suffer from uneven temperatures, this unit wouldn't be the best bang for your buck. Also, if you have a two-story home, this unit may not be able to keep up with your temperature demands.

That said, our residential sales professionals wouldn't necessarily recommend this air conditioning system for an Airbnb or if you plan to move soon. To get a return on their investment, homeowners should be in their current home for the next 5-10 years.

Discover the Perfect Match: Rheem Endeavor (RA14AZ) Air Conditioner

The Rheem Endeavor air conditioner effortlessly matches various HVAC equipment and indoor air quality accessories. Thus, homeowners can expect optimal functionality and a seamless user experience. Below is a list of compatible HVAC equipment for the Rheem Endeavor (RA14AZ) Air Conditioner:

Technical Specifications of the RA14AZ A/C

  • Price: $6,400-$9,800
  • SEER2: 15.2
  • EER2: 12
  • Compressor Type: Single-Stage
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • EcoNet Capabilities: No
  • Limited Warranty: 10-Year Conditional Parts (Registration Required)

Stay Cool with the Rheem Endeavor (RA14AZ) A/C from Fire & Ice

At this point, you should have a good understanding of what sets Rheem air conditioners apart from the rest. Rheem makes products that will meet your energy efficiency needs and price point. The final step is to reach out and schedule a free estimate with one of our Residential Sales Professionals.

A yellow street sign that says stay coolImage Source: Kunal Mehta

On top of that, regardless of the brand or type of system, we will service it. This includes a heat pump, air conditioner, electric/gas furnace, air handler, or a combination of these systems. At Fire & Ice, we install Rheem, Carrier, and Mitsubishi products.

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